Thank You for Making our February 2023 Webinar a Success!

We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the New Features & Product Roadmap webinar on February 23rd, 2023. We hope you enjoyed attending the event as much as we enjoyed hosting it.

Do you have any thoughts or comments with regards to the webinar? We’d love to hear from you. Please complete the survey form included in the follow-up email. For those who weren’t able to attend – do not to worry! You can request a copy of the webinar recording by checking off the request for recording box in the survey. We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

If you’re interested in any of the modules or Apps previewed during the webinar, visit QuickSchools and click on the Chat button. You’ll be greeted by one of our product support specialists who can provide you with more information. Alternatively, you can email us directly at We also provide details on our latest features and software improvements in our Release Notes.

We hope to see you in our next webinar — Orchestra Part 1: Scheduling for Beginners — scheduled for Thursday, March 23rd at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. This webinar is geared towards School Administrators and Principals who are currently working with our master scheduler, or for those looking for one. Registration will be open by the second week of March.

New Release – August 1, 2022

In today’s release, we’re including framework improvements for our upcoming Lunch Order and Shopping Cart modules. Release also includes a mix of improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, Admissions, Sign-In/Sign-Out, and security, just to name a few.

Step 4 Scheduler supports color-coding without “Organize by department”

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Color Code Step 4 when “Organize by department” is not enabled (See above

Security Improvements

  • General Security Improvements
  • Improve Privacy on Test Server

General (Functional) Improvements

  • Ability to hide Admissions Application Statuses (See below)
  • Show Custom Fields for Documents on Student record
  • Importer for Sign-In/Sign-Out App (See below)
  • Improve Report Creator support for Sign-In/Sign-Out App

General Bug Fixes

  • Improve Support for Disputed Charges in Fee Tracking with Online Payments
  • Improve Support for OneRoster (v1.1) Integration
  • Upgrade Text Messaging Framework
  • Bug Fix Alerts Framework for deleted parents
  • Bug Fix when adding new Online Test
  • Other Server Updates

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Lunch Ordering Support for Online Payment
  • New Shopping Cart Framework
  • Ability to Share Dashboard
  • Improvements to Bulk Charge Credit Cards via Standard Charges
  • Add support to disable Auto-Enrollment for Canvas Integration
  • Add support to automatically Un-enroll students for Canvas Integration
  • Fix District-Wide Students for Group School

Hide Application Status

In the Admissions module, when configuring the Application Statuses, you now have the option to hide certain status:

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Announcing Our Zapier Integration

At QuickSchools, we’re driven by our goal to empower educational institutions. We’re here to make your responsibilities as a principal, school administrator, and/or teacher easier by streamlining your work processes.

QuickSchools + Zapier

QuickSchools provides the technology solution for admissions, enrollment, fee tracking, rostering, etc. We also help you collect and manage various data related to students, parents, staff, and courses. It makes perfect sense for us to partner up with Zapier so that you can integrate Quickchools with your other technology solutions with minimal effort. Bypass all the busywork when it comes to sharing data and automating tasks. 

At present, QuickSchools integration via Zapier focuses on CRM applications such as HubSport and WizeHive. But schools should be able to use Zapier to integrate QuickSchools with a variety of applications.

Find the QuickSchools integration via Zapier in the Zapier app center

New Release – May 31, 2022

Today’s release contains several security-related improvements PLUS a mix of improvements to a variety of modules that include Orchestra Master Scheduler, Admissions, Standard-Based Gradebook, Fee Tracking, and the Report Creator, just to name a few.

Improved Security with New Email Notifications

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Improve new “Scheduling Algorithm” in Step 4
  • Refresh list of Subject Areas when new subject area is added
  • Report Creator support for Day and Time in Bell Schedule

Security Improvements

  • Notification Email when logging in from New Device
  • Notification Email when School Admin user is added/removed
  • Notification Email when password is changed
  • Clear active sessions when password is changed

General (Functional) Improvements

  • Ability to relabel period names for Subject-Based and Period-Based Attendance (See below)
  • Ability to unselect radio button when taking attendance
  • Ability to schedule tasks for every other week (i.e. Bi-Weekly)
  • Reformat Student Name when converting Inquiry to Application (in the Admissions module), based on configured Student Name format
  • Report Creator support for (1) subject Custom Fields and (2) Online Payments
  • API Support for OAuth2

General Bug Fixes

  • Fix Subject line when using Email Template from the Admissions module
  • Fix Family Name tag when using Email Template from the Admissions module

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Bulk Charge Credit Card using Standard Charges (See Below)
  • Improve Search Student specifically by Student Name, Grade Level or Tag
  • Ability to hide “View Complete Record” from Student Portal
  • Ability to restrict deletion of Fee Tracking transactions to specific users/roles
  • Ability to disable “Add Standard” for teachers in the Standards-Based Gradebook
  • Ability to disable “Override Gradebook Settings” for teachers in the Standards-Based Gradebook
  • Ability to hide “Call Number” when creating new books in the Library App
  • Show Subject Abbreviation is Student Self-Enrollment History screen
  • REST API support for OneRoster v1.1
  • Improve framework for Integration via File Transfer (SFTP)

Relabel Attendance Periods

You can now relabel the period names for Period-based and Subject-based Attendance. Just click on the new “Customize Period Names” button under “Attendance” > “Settings”:

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Thank You for Attending our Product Roadmap Webinar!

We’d like to thank all those who attended our Product Roadmap webinar on May 19. We hope that you gained a lot of useful information and enjoyed your time with us.

As usual, we sent a follow-up email along with a feedback survey to all participants. We’d appreciate it if you could complete and submit the survey back to us. We’d also appreciate any suggestions to help us improve future webinars.

If you’re interested in trying out some of the Beta features presented during the webinar, or have further questions, feel free to reach out to us via our Live Chat Support or email us directly at Our Help Center also contains various how-to guides and answers to FAQs.

Last but not least, we hope that you’ll join us in our next webinar QuickSchools’ Master Scheduler – scheduled on June 23. Registration will be opening soon!