QuickSchools Library App

Our recent release for QuickSchools includes two key improvements to the QuickSchools Library App:

Add Book by Scanning ISBN

When adding a new book to your catalog, there’s a new “Scan ISBN” button that allows you to quickly scan the ISBN barcode. 

Look up Book Details by Scanning the ISBN Barcode

QuickSchools will then search the Google library, and pull details for the book, which you can use to create the book record in your QuickSchools Library App:

Book Details retrieved by Scanning the ISBN Barcode

Note that books pulled from Google will also contain an image of the book.

Generate Barcode and Label

When adding a book, you now have the option to generate a Barcode by clicking on the “Generate” button:

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New Release – July 26, 2021

We’ve made several improvements to our Orchestra Master Scheduler for this release. But we’ve also included a few general improvements related to Admissions, Report Creator, the Library App, our API (and Zapier), Google Drive Integration, and much more.

Improvements to the Applications module within QuickSchools Admissions

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Term-Length is now optional when importing Courses. Defaults to Semester-long
  • Limit for Departments are now optional
  • Bug fix when searching for Courses without Departments
  • Bug fixes related to performance improvements when setting Next Enrollment Period
  • Show configured Courses for Teachers in Step 1 “Configure Teachers”
  • Show Min, Max and Target Section Sizes in Step 2 “Course Requests by Course”
  • New Step 4 Filter by Department
  • Miscellaneous Improvements to Step 4 and Step 4 Pagination
  • Rename Block Sections to Teams
  • Bulk Create Lab-Lecture Teams (previously Block Sections) by Period
  • New Step 5 Advanced Filter for Student Conflicts
  • Ability to hide periods without sections in Section Assignments PDF
  • Support separate Course Code and Course Name in Section Assignments PDF
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes to Section Assignments PDF
  • Option to use “no-reply@quickschools.com” when emailing Section Assignments PDF
  • New Teacher Invitation Emails for Orchestra Only Plan
  • Ability to enable Section Attendance within Orchestra

Improvements related to Admissions

  • Bulk Email Applicants from Template
  • Improve Configuration Area for Inquiry and Application Status Codes
  • Bug Fix Enrollment when student name has apostrophe
  • Framework Improvements to support Portal for Applicants (Alpha)

Other General Improvements

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Online Payments via ACH

We recently released a new feature related to the Online Payment modules on June 6 (with improvements on July 6). Schools in the United States that subscribe to QuickSchools can now collect payments from students and payments via ACH Bank Transfer.

This feature is in BETA: If you would want this enabled for your school, please contact our Support Team.

Configuring the App

To enable this feature, go to the “Settings” page, and enable the setting under the School Fees Tracking” module:

There are separate settings for Credit Card vs. ACH Bank Transfer. And you can decide whether to absorb the transaction fee, or to charge a convenience fee to the payer.

Student Paying Online

Once you’ve connected your account to Stripe, Student make payments directly from their Student Portal:

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New Release – July 6, 2021

Several minor improvements for this release, plus a few general improvements to our Master Scheduler. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Support Alternate Bell Schedule in PDF Section Assignments
  • Mass Email PDF Section Assignments
  • Improve how teachers without departments are displayed in Step 4
  • Improve general performance for large data sets
    • Option to Paginate Step 4
    • Freeze Left Pane for Step 5
    • Optimize Summary Reports
  • New Importer to link Teachers to Courses for Enrollment Period
  • Course Requests Importer supports Course Alternates
  • Improvements to Orchestra Subscription Plan
  • Cosmetic Improvements to Constraints screens
  • Expand Data Dictionary for Summary Reports

Improvements related to Beta Features

Other General Improvements

  • Simplify disconnect from Google Classroom
  • Miscellaneous API Improvements to support integration via Zapier
  • Bug fix when taking for attendance for multiple Subjects in the same period
  • Bug fix for Section Attendance Pie Chart on Student record
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes in Admissions module
  • Miscellaneous server performance improvements

Student ID Card

We’re really excited to announce our new capability to print/generate Student ID Cards. Student Cards will leverage our existing PDF templating engine, allowing ID cards to be customizable by school. 

Sample Student ID Card generated in QuickSchools (Beta)

You will have options to hide areas of the Student ID, but any further customizations would need to be done by our support staff.

New Release – June 16, 2021

Several minor improvements for this release, plus a few general improvements to our Master Scheduler. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Online Payments modules for Students and Parents supports ACH via Stripe

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Schedule PDF after Step 5
  • Freeze Panes for Steps 3 and 4
  • Advanced Search in Step 5 to search for students with unfulfilled course requests
  • Performance Improvements for large data sets
  • Improved support for Summary Reports
  • Bug fixes related to deletion of courses
  • Remove option for “Distributed Courses” from Step 5 scheduling algorithm

Improvements to Canvas Integration

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Daily-Equivalent (Period Zero) Attendance

We are building a new feature called Period Zero Attendance, or Daily-Equivalent Attendance. What this essentially means is that QuickSchools will track and report a daily attendance equivalent, based on period or subject-based attendance. This will be an optional feature for schools that track period or subject-based attendance.

How does it work?

Schools will continue to take attendance by period or subject. However, for every school day, each student will be marked with an equivalent daily attendance. So for example, if a student is marked present for 5 out of 7 periods, QuickSchools will convert this to a daily equivalent, based on certain rules. As a result, the student may be marked Present, Absent, Tardy or Half Day Present for the day. 

This daily attendance will be stored in Period Zero (hence the name “Period Zero Attendance”). When reporting attendance, the system will use / display the Daily Attendance by default. And the period / subject attendance is merely recorded for tracking / informational purposes only.

How will the Daily-Equivalent be calculated?

By default, the QuickSchools will use the FIRST attendance record as the Daily Attendance. This means that if a student is absent for the first period, but present for the remaining periods, the student will be marked as Absent by default. An administrator can then change the Daily Attendance to Present or Half Day Present based on rules set by the school.

Later on, we will provide different default calculation methods. Some possible options we are considering:

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Announcing Orchestra Master Scheduler

After some years of being in Private Beta, QuickSchools is proud to announce that our Master Scheduler is now available as it’s own standalone product called Orchestra. Check out the website at http://www.onlinemasterscheduler.com.

Orchestra Master Scheduler website

Orchestra will maintain the same simplicity and ease-of-use that has been synonymous with the QuickSchools brand. You will find many common elements between the two brands to maintain consistency in the user experience and of course, Orchestra too comes included with our awesome Live Chat support.

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New Release – May 24, 2021

Several minor improvements for this release, plus a few general improvements to our Master Scheduler. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

When re-assigning sections to another teacher, you can now view/select which sections to re-assign in the Master Scheduler

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Refactor Screens for standalone Orchestra Master Scheduler Plan
  • Expand support for Constraints (by row and column)
  • Improve how sections are re-assigned
  • Improve Summary Report support for Master Scheduler
  • Improve flow for deleting courses
  • Support Bulk Removal of Course Requests by Report
  • Support multiple sections in a single period, in student PDF
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Other General Improvements

  • Include attachments when copying Lesson Plans
  • Improve Google Drive Integration support for large data sets
  • Improve how Summary Reports are run concurrently
  • Support Gradebook Category in Report Creator
  • Fix initial authentication connection to Canvas
  • Fix Delay when Changing Password
  • Fix Time Zone Difference when creating Live Stream events
  • Cosmetic UI Improvements (Relabelling buttons)
  • General improvements to server exception errors

New Release – May 3, 2021

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • New Orchestra Subscription Plan for Master Scheduler only, includes 
    • New Login Page
    • Updated Footer and links
    • New Features Page
  • Display Section Assignments in Student and Parent Portals
  • New Printable Section Assignments PDF
  • Improve Course Catalog Importer to support updates

Other General Improvements

  • Email Templates from Student Profile (see below)
  • Automatically Match Courses in Google Classroom Course Mappings
  • Ability to disconnect to Google Classroom
  • System checks for existing emails for new Trial Sign-Ups
  • Miscellaneous Fixes when creating new Trial Accounts
  • Generic Importer for Tests & Assessments (BETA)
  • Custom Background Image (BETA)
  • Improve reporting on Lunch Ordering app (for Pending/Cancelled Orders)
  • Improve how announcements can be hidden
  • Improve display of transactions on Billing History page
  • Support Enrollment Date in Students API Resource
  • Continue Framework Improvements for Emails
  • Fix Non-School Days on Attendance Calendar for Group Schools
  • Fix Scheduled Google Classroom Sync
  • Fix Gradebook Template with Scale Score
  • Fix Displayed Date for Attendance Not-Yet-Taken Notifications (BETA)

Email Templates from Student Profile

We have long supported Email Templates, for various modules. We’ve not extended this support to the student record:

When accessing a student record, there is now a “Email Profile” link, that will allow you to use Email Templates to send emails. For more information on our Email Templating capability, check out the link below:

Attendance Dashboard (Private Beta)

We understand how busy a Teacher’s day can get, and how this may lead to them forgetting to take attendance in QuickSchools. To resolve this, we now introduce a new feature — the Attendance Dashboard.

This feature is in BETA: If you would want this enabled for your school, please contact our Support Team.

This new feature would display the periods of a given day where attendance is Not Yet Taken. It is applicable for Homeroom, Period, or Subject-Based Attendance, and allow the Global Attendance Takers to either (1) Take attendance on behalf of the teacher; or (2) Send an Email notifying the teacher of the attendance yet to be taken.

To know more about our Attendance Dashboard feature, please see our Support Guide linked below: