Attendance Dashboard (Private Beta)

We understand how busy a Teacher’s day can get, and how this may lead to them forgetting to take attendance in QuickSchools. To resolve this, we now introduce a new feature — the Attendance Dashboard.

This feature is in BETA: If you would want this enabled for your school, please contact our Support Team.

This new feature would display the periods of a given day where attendance is Not Yet Taken. It is applicable for Homeroom, Period, or Subject-Based Attendance, and allow the Global Attendance Takers to either (1) Take attendance on behalf of the teacher; or (2) Send an Email notifying the teacher of the attendance yet to be taken.

To know more about our Attendance Dashboard feature, please see our Support Guide linked below:

Google Classroom Synchronization Profiles

As mentioned in our New Release – March 22, 2021, we have added a new feature to our Google Classroom Integration — Synchronization by Profile.

THIS IS A BETA FEATURE: To have this feature enabled, please contact our Support Team.

This feature allows you to synchronize your Google Classroom courses in batches. This is ideal for schools will a large number of students and courses.

Some things to note about this feature:

  • Profiles are dependent on the courses being mapped under STEP 3.
    • Courses that aren’t mapped in STEP 3, will not be available in the Profile
    • If a course is unmapped in STEP 3, the course will also be automatically removed from the Profile.
    • When courses are remapped in STEP 3 at the start of a new semester, the Profile will also need to be updated with the latest mappings. Mappings from the previous term will no longer apply.
  • To avoid the sync getting timed out, we recommend having a maximum of 35 courses per Profile.
  • Multiple Profiles can be scheduled to be synced at the same time. However, each profile will be synchronized one at a time.

To know more about our Google Classroom Synchronization Profiles, see our Support Article linked below:

New Release – April 12, 2021

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Google Classroom Improvements

  • Map students by email address – See below
  • Search feature for Profiles (Beta)

Email Improvements

  • Introduce Send History when sending Email from Templates – See below
  • Improve performance when emailing attachments from modules (Report Cards, Gradebook, Fee Tracking)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes related to attachments

Other General Improvements

  • NEW: Attendance Dashboard for Not-Yet-Taken (Beta) – See below
  • Improve how Summary Reports are run for long queries
  • Live Stream now support recurring meetings
  • Search Student by Email Address and Phone Number
  • Ability to Schedule Synchronize with Sync 
  • Ability to disable Chat Box for Online Forms – See below
  • Fileroom App now supports sharing with Students
  • Improve Search on Teachers Lounge (Beta)
  • School Notes for new Self-Enrollment (Beta)
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Announcements
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Master Scheduler
  • Bug fix when managing Live Stream for Teachers
  • Bug fix when a new document is uploaded to the Student record

Mapping Students in Google Classroom

When mapping students in Google Classroom, the system now displays the email address, so that it’s easier to match students. This is particularly useful when students use their own personal Google Accounts for Google Classroom, and thus may have names in a foreign language:

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New Release – Mar 22, 2021

This is an expedited Sprint (only 2 weeks instead of 3). We have a few beta features we’re pushing out, plus some miscellaneous performance enhancements and bug fixes. 

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

New Features in Private Beta

  • Student Self-Enrollment
  • Attendance Notification for Not Yet Taken
  • Google Classroom Synchronization by Profile

Other General Improvements

  • New User Field in Interventions (introduced in previous release) is now reportable in Report Creator
  • Bug fix when deleting students
  • Timezone Bug fix when importing into Gradebook
  • Refactor framework for Email Messaging
  • New internal framework to support student subscription limits

Student Self-Enrollment (Beta)

This is a new feature to allow students to directly enroll into courses from the student portal (without using Course Requests from the Master Scheduler module). If the student is already enrolled into a courses, the student can unenroll from them:

New Self-Enrollment Feature for Students (Beta)

And there’s an “Add Course” button for students to select courses to enroll into:

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Gradebook Templates

The Gradebook Template in QuickSchools is one of several features available in the Gradebook for teachers. It’s available on the top right corner of the Gradebook next to the Full Screen icon: 

Use Gradebook Templates to copy columns between subjects

The Gradebook Template allows you to templatize an existing Gradebook, essentially allowing you to copy the columns in the current Gradebook, and insert them into another subject / course. Here we see several saved templates:

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Sync Gradebook by Subject

We are introducing a new feature in the Google Classroom Integration app, that allows teachers to manage and pull grades from Google Classroom for their own subjects in QuickSchools. When enabled, teachers will see a new “Sync with Google Classroom” button in their Gradebook:

Clicking on the button will initiate a synchronization with Google Classroom. Some things to note about the Google Classroom Integration:

  • The school admin needs to install and configure the Google Classroom Integration app for the whole school (available in our App Store). If the setup is incomplete, an error message will appear.
  • When synchronizing the gradebook, the student enrollment may change, depending on how your school administrator configured the auto-enrollment feature.
  • Some elements from Google Classroom will not transfer over, namely the category, final grade and comments. So teachers can freely update this information in QuickSchools. This data will not be overwritten by subsequent synchronizations. 

NOTE FOR ADMINISTRATORS: The feature will require that the School Administrator configure the Google Classroom Integration app as follows:

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New Release – Feb 16, 2021

Happy February everyone! We’ve made several improvements to our Master Scheduler, as well as to the Live Stream and Online Forms modules. Look forward to more LMS-related improvements in upcoming releases.

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler

  • Support copy of Bell Schedule
  • Improve display of Step 4: Schedule
  • Improve how Department Constraints are displayed
  • Improve support for Course and Section Limits
  • General Improvements to the Block Section page
  • Save settings for Distribute vs. Randomize
  • Reporting on Min, Target and Max Size for Sections
  • Hide “Debug” function by default.
  • Fix course search function in Step 4: Schedule for large data sets
  • Fix installation errors related to missing column
  • Bug fix for Course Constraints
  • Bug fix when deleting students (orphaned course requests)
  • Bug fix for the “Student With Incomplete Schedule” Report

Live Stream

  • Remove and Auto-Generate Password when creating a Zoom conference
  • Rename “Conference” to “Live Stream”
  • Join URL is clickable when viewing a Live Stream
  • Improve Time Selection widget
  • General UI improvements

Online Forms

  • Support dynamic Send Email for Auto-Emails from Status Change in Online Forms
  • Option to disable “Download Forms” in Online Forms
  • Support option to copy previous submission (See below)
  • Improve Payment Options (See below)
  • Fix Installation / Upgrade Error
  • Fix “Download Forms” function affected by bad Form Packet name

Other General Improvements

  • Zapier Integration
  • Improve Time Selection widget for Assignments
  • Support Online Payments for Admissions (See below)
  • Report Creator Support for Interventions
  • Support Sorting and Renaming of student Documents (See below)
  • Bug fix for Attendance PDF
  • Bug fix when submitting Admissions Form when Residential Section is disabled

Copying Previous Online Forms Submission

Once an applicant submits an online form, there will be a button to “Start New Application”:

Start a new Application after completing a Submission

This option allows the system to reference the previously submitted data, so that when the applicant is filling in a particular form for the new application, there will be an option to “Copy from Previous Submission”:

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New Release – Jan 25, 2021

Welcome back! This is the first release of 2021. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler

  • Bulk Create Block Sections (based on Lecture-Lab combinations)
  • Bulk Remove Block Sections
  • Ability to adjust target limit for Step 5 Load
  • Bug fixes related to running Step 4 with orphaned sections

Google Classroom Synchronization

  • Improved support for teachers to synchronize individual courses
  • Bug fixes related to Timezone and Scale Score Formulas.

Other General Improvements

  • Automated emails for Online Form Submissions when status is changed
  • Automated emails for Online Payments
  • Improve Notification features for Assignments and Submissions
  • Improve support for shared addresses in Admissions module
  • Improve support when taking attendance from the Attendance Calendar on the Student record
  • New Importer for Subjects/Sections-Based Attendance
  • Extend timeout for large Stock Take in Library App
  • Bug fix when a school within a group is suspended and archived
  • Bug fix for Temperature App
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Summary Reports related to Attendance
  • Internal monitoring framework improvements

Automated Emails for Online Forms

If you’ve installed the Online Forms App, there is a new feature to allow you to automatically send out an email when the status of a submission changes. Check out the new Mail icon on the Submissions page (similar to the Mail icon for Gradebook):

New Status-Based Email Notifications for Online Forms

When you click on it, you’ll be able to customize an email that gets sent whenever a submission is changed to that status:

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