New Release – Jan 3, 2022

Welcome to 2022. And here is the first release of the year. We continue to make improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, as well as the the Learn LMS module, PLUS, general improvements to our Student Information System.

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Support for Triple Periods
  • Option to clear sections for a particular course
  • Re-add support for Teams in Weekly Schedule (Private Beta)
  • Bug fix Schedule PDF for invalid/orphaned section enrollments
  • Bug fix Step 2 Course Request report for students with “No course requests”
  • Bug fix Step 6 Finalize Sections when SIS is enabled

LMS Improvements

  • New option to “Return” an assignment (see above)
  • Reminder to save Assignment
  • Online Testing Framework Improvement (Alpha)

General (Functional) Improvements

  • New Semester Setup is enabled by default for new Trial Accounts
  • Ability to archive Academic Year (see below)
  • Support long descriptions for letter grade in Gradebook (see below)
  • Track history of emails sent from Gradebook (see below)
  • Show amount due for Fee Tracking in main Student Updates in Student and Parent Portals
  • New Payment Notes when making payment from Student/Parent Portals
  • Support Primary Payer in Report Creator

General Bug Fixes and System Improvements

  • Reposition the “Hide Announcements” button
  • API improvements for Mobile to support Class Discussions and Student Message Board
  • Bug accessing assignment when gradebook column is deleted while linked to a Scale Score.
  • Bug fix when enabling student name format without changing the format
  • Bug fix Error when adding subjects from the “Subject Setup” menu
  • Bug fix Subject Import by Subject ID 
  • Bug fix Summary Report accessing Student Profile Images
  • Bug fix Summary Report accessing deleted Custom Attendance Codes

Other Private Beta Improvements

  • Ability to disable comments for Class Discussions from Student and Parent Portal
  • Show Capacity when editing courses from the Student record
  • Support Mandatory Payment Notes when making payment from Student/Parent Portals

Archiving Academic Year

There is a new option under “New Semester Set-Up” that allows you to archive an Academic Year:

When an academic year is archived, all associated academic semesters will no longer be available from the Semester dropdowns. Here’s an example Semester dropdown for administrators on the Gradebook module:

We are in the process of updating all Semesters dropdowns. So if you see a dropdown that still shows archived academic terms, please let us know, and we can get that adjusted in the next release. And if you want to access data for an Academic Year that has been unarchived, you can always Unarchive the Academic Year as well.

Gradebook Grading Scale with Long Description

We’ve adjusted the Gradebook to support long descriptions. So if you have a Grading Scale that looks like this:

The associated grade for a Gradebook column will look like this:

When you mouse over the grade, you’ll see the full description of the grade.

Gradebook Email History

So when teachers use the Email function from the Gradebook, all sent emails will appear in the “Email History” link located at the bottom of the Gradebook tab on the Student record:

If you have any other questions about the improvements included with this release, please feel free to chat with us online.

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