Fully Online with Live Chat Support

Where else can you find such an awesome combination for a school management system?

Very few school management systems out there will boast the ability for schools to roll-out a new student management system completely self-service, or with real-time live chat support for ALL users. And that’s exactly what we have to offer!

With a fully online cloud-based system, you get world-class infrastructure that is secured with the latest security and encryption protocols. You have an entire team of engineers making sure that your school management system is always running (guaranteed uptime), always fast (scalable infrastructure in real-time), and always secure. We even back-up your data, to protect against hardware failure, natural disasters, or even user error. And remember, you can access QuickSchools from anywhere on any device (including the iPhone, iPad and Android) with just your browser. It’s really that simple.

And with our Live Chat Support, you get REAL-TIME answers to any questions that you may have. Ask about features, tips, tutorials, and make suggestions for improvement.  We are real people, not robots. And we care about giving you the best experience ever. You could be updating your grades late one night for the report cards due the next morning. Or you could be trying to get a head start with your lesson plans one Sunday afternoon. If you need help, come chat with us online. And remember that when you chat with us, you’re not only giving us the opportunity to help you with whatever task you have at hand, but you allow us to understand which areas may require further refinement. We look forward to chatting with you.

Chat with us now at http://www.quickschools.com, and ask us how QuickSchools can benefit you and your school.

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