New Release – Oct 2, 2023

Our latest QuickSchools release contains improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, the Payment Plan app as well as general improvements to our Student Information System and API Resources:

Master Scheduler

  • New Room Constraints in Step 3
  • Room Assignment in Step 4
  • Updated Room info in Schedule PDF
  • Bug fix in Step 4 when teacher is assigned multiple departments
  • Email History for Add/Drop Notifications in Step 6 (See above)
  • General Improvements to Add/Drop Notifications

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Payment Plan support for manual payments (See below)
  • Improve how periods are displayed in Courses & Sections
  • Ability to configure who can use a specific Attendance Codes
  • Bug Fix Attendance Alerts when default attendance is Not-Yet-Taken
  • Bug Fix Online Lunch Orders for Declined Credit Cards
  • Bug Fix Class Discussions when there are many Pinned messages
  • Miscellaneous Bug fix to Schoology Integration
  • Improve Assignment PDF Support for Foreign Languages

Beta Improvements

  • Gradebook Point Floor
  • Miscellaneous updates to SFTP Importer
  • Bug Fix Clever SFTP Integration when teacher is removed from a class.
  • API Improvements for Engage CRM (Status Color Code)

Manual (Check) Payments for Payment Plan

The Payment Plan App on our App Store now supports Manual Payments. When this option is enabled, you can mark payments manually (instead of automatically charging the credit card on file):

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Thank You for Attending Our Webinar on Communicating with Students and Parents

Dear Valued Participants,

We hope that you’re still buzzing with enthusiasm from our recent webinar on Communicating with Students and Parents. We’re grateful for your active participation and the positive energy you brought to the event. Your engagement made it a resounding success!

At QuickSchools, we believe that providing feedback to students, engaging with parents, and fostering a collaborative environment is the key to to a successful educational journey. During the webinar, we shared the tools that’ll make these communication activities easy and effective. 

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Nine Classroom Communication Skills Every Teacher Should Master

Every teacher knows the importance of effective communication. It’s essential for connecting with your classes, delivering lessons, and tracking student progress. Most importantly, it’s vital if you want pupils to engage with their education.

keep your students engaged in the classroom
Photo by Pixabay

Still, classes and curriculums change each year, as do the kinds of tools available to teachers.

So, it’s always worth polishing up your communication skills. 

In this article, we’ve compiled the best tips for communicating with your students in 2023.

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