World Cup 2022 Fever: What activities your students can do in the classroom

classroom activities to celebrate the world cup

With the Fifa World Cup being hosted this year in Qatar, soccer aka football has been on a lot of people’s minds. It is one of the most famous men’s soccer tournaments in the world! If you are one of the soccer fans, perhaps you may want to add in the festive celebration for your students to enjoy.

It can be a time to teach your students about the World Cup, get students to find the love of the game, and of course, those that already love it will be excited to be a part of it! You may even score ‘Best Teacher’ for it!

There are many different subjects that can be taught with the FIFA World Cup theme, ranging from history, geography, art, science, English, and, don’t forget, physical education. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting activities we found! 

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New Release – November 22, 2022

Today’s release lays the groundwork for our new Payment Plan module. We expect an early beta version to be released in the next month. The remaining improvements focus on our Orchestra Master Scheduler, Lunch Ordering app, and our SFTP Importer (Beta), plus other general improvements and bug fixes.

New “Conflicts” by Department in Step 5 of the Orchestra Master Scheduler

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Set default Next Course for Year-Long Courses in Course Catalog
  • Preview / Download student Schedule PDF from Step 5
  • Show Conflicts in “% Complete” Breakdown by Department in Step 5
  • Bug Fix when Link / Remove Section with custom Day labels in Step 4

Lunch Ordering App

  • Customers can view/print paid orders

General Bug Fixes

  • New option to Skip Invoices in QuickBooks Integration App (see below)
  • Show negative amounts properly in “Billing History”
  • Bug fix unenrolling students in Group Schools
  • Bug fix schedules tasks that “Repeat every weekday”
  • Bug fix when submitting grades from Gradebook to Report cards
  • Bug fix when displaying total score in Online Tests 
  • General Security Updates

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Payment Plan Framework (Early Alpha)
  • SFTP Importer (Beta) support to deactivate old students
  • SFTP Importer (Beta) support to delete old course requests
  • API Improvements to support Engage CRM
  • Bug Fix on new Sections tab for Teacher Portal
  • Add support for Notes to Parent Portal

Option to Hide Invoices for QuickBooks Integration

This is a new feature to help hide transactions that may already have been exported to QuickBooks outside of QuickSchools:

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Free Lunches via Lunch Ordering

This article describes how schools can setup Free Lunch Orders through our new Lunch Ordering App (with Shopping Cart). This may come in handy when certain cases require this, such as when prospective students visit the school and want to try out the Cafeteria.

A summary of the steps are as follows:

  • Create a Dummy Student and Parent Account
  • Invite Parent via Parent portal
  • Add Credits for the Parent’s Lunch Ordering
  • Order lunches through the Parent Portal

Setup Dummy Student and Parent Accounts

You will need to setup a dummy account for a student and parent. If you want to have separate lunch orders per Grade Level/Homeroom, a dummy student account would need to be created for each grade level. However, all students can still be linked to a single Parent Account.

In order for the student to be excluded from the Attendance Roster (if Homeroom Attendance), set the Enrollment Date to a future date.

If you would be having more than one dummy student (one per grade), link the students as Siblings in order to access them all in a single Parent Portal.

Invite the Parent to the Parent Portal

Invite the dummy parent account by going to the Parent Portal > Invite tab > Click on the Invite button for the dummy parent.

Add Credits

Without a valid credit card, parents can only submit orders using Credits. You will need to add sufficient credits to the parent account, so as to complete lunch orders as necessary.


At this time, credits can only be added by QuickSchools Support Staff. The ability for the School Admin to add credits to users will be available soon.

Order Lunch for Students

Once credits have been added for the Parent, you can order lunch via the Parent Portal and checkout using the credits.

The lunch orders can then be viewed through either the Lunch Ordering > Order Fulfillment tab, or our Lunch Ordering Reports.

To know more about ordering lunches in the Parent Portal, please feel free to check our Ordering Lunch Online (For Parents) Guide.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding setting up Free Lunches, feel free to chat in, or send us an email at Feel free to provide any suggestions or feedback as well.

For This Back to School Season 2022, Let’s Not Forget Our Student’s Mental Health

The new school year recently started. Students all over the world are physically heading back to school.  Many have been looking forward to starting classes in person since many schools were still conducting lessons remotely previously. They must have missed their friends, for instance having lunch together and getting to play outside during PE. 

Those in boarding school might be moving into dorms while others wait for the school bus on the first day of class. Due to this sense of (pre-covid) normalcy, some kids might be suffering from anxiety about having to physically attend classes and interact with other people daily. They may be worried about catching covid, not knowing how to interact with friends, and extroverts suddenly becoming introverts after a long period of isolation.

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