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Importing Students and Teachers

September 20, 2018

Quickschools provides an efficient way to add student and teacher information in bulk — by importing information from an excel file. To do this you need to have your data accessible in an Excel file, one with either an “.xls” or “.xlsx” extension.

To initiate the import, simply click the Import button under Students/Teachers tab:


QuickSchools will automatically analyze your file and map commonly-named columns to the fields in QuickSchools. But you can override the mapping as you see fit:

Student Import mapping

Teacher Import mapping

You can also use this procedure to update student and teacher records. To update student records, your import file simply needs to contain the student names that match the student names in the system. During the import, when the system finds an existing record for a student on file, it updates the existing record instead of creating a new one. The same goes for updating teacher information via Import.


  • When updating student records, the name in the file needs to be an EXACT match of the student name in the system (no extra spaces, case sensitive); Otherwise, Quickschools will create a new record for the student.
  • To avoid creating new student records instead of updating existing ones, we recommend including the Student Number/ID in the import file. In doing so, the system will match students based solely on the Student Number/ID. This will address situations where you may have multiple records with the same exact name.

You can get a sample of the import files below:

For more info on adding student and teacher information into Quickschools, please check out our Support articles below:

Adding Students To Quickschools

Adding Teachers To Quickschools

Let us know what you think, please chat with us!


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September 18, 2018

To get the latest updates on news and announcements about QuickSchools, be sure to follow us on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook. Links are below:

We have a new Sprint Release coming up next week. Be sure to stay tuned. And as always, we welcome your feedback to help us improve.

New Super User App

September 13, 2018

To help school administrators manage user accounts for their schools, Quickschools launched a new Super User app that was included in Sprint D12 release. The app can be installed from the Quickschools App Store.

As a Super User you will have access to the list of all users on your school – Teachers, Parents and Students. By clicking the ‘Login’ button beside the user’s name, the Super User will be able to log into the account, for purposes of debugging and verifying user access and privileges.

Please check out our support article for more information and let us know if you have comments or suggestions!

Keep Track Of Student’s Assignments With QuickSchools’ Homework Feature

September 13, 2018

We at QuickSchools understand that keeping track of your students’ assignments can be a troublesome chore, especially when you’re handling more than one class.

But fret not, because our Homework feature was specifically designed to ease this process whilst ensuring that neither you or your students will ever lose track of ongoing assignments!

Similar to our other features and products, the Homework feature is easy-to-use and organized according to the classes and subjects you teach:

Blog 1 - Homework (8)


To share your assignments and notes with your students, click on the “Add/Edit Notes” link and upload away:

Blog 1 - Homework (1)Blog 1 - Homework (2)


Before you click on the “Add” button, Read more…

QuickSchools App Store

September 12, 2018

It’s been several years since we first launched our App Store. Since then, QuickSchools has released several new apps, and we anticipate several more in the coming months. Please do check these out. And if you don’t have access to the App Store, but you’re interested in some of these apps, be sure to let your administrator know.

New Apps for Sept 2018

New Apps for Sept 2018

Recently Released New Apps

Super User – Allow Administrators to login as any user in your school.

Homeroom-Based Seating Charts – Allow your homeroom / class teachers to create a seating chart, and take attendance by seating chart.

Sports and After School Activities – Track students taking sports and after school activities.

Health – Track medical history for students, include medication and doses taken.

Master Scheduler (Beta) – Full featured Master Scheduler based on Course Requests and Course Offering.

Recently Updated Apps

Schoology (LMS) Gradebook Integration – Export / Synchronize your roster from QuickSchools to Schoology, and pull Gradebook data from Schoology in order to create Report Cards and Transcripts in QuickSchools.

Canvas (LMS) Gradebook Integration – Export / Synchronize your roster from QuickSchools to Canvas, and pull Gradebook data from Schoology in order to create Report Cards and Transcripts in QuickSchools. Read more…

Limit Parent-Teacher Messaging (D12)

September 11, 2018

The default behaviour in QuickSchools for communications between teacher and parent is to allow full access. With the new Sprint D12 release, school administrators can now limit this interaction. This might be useful if you find that teachers or parents accidentally send messages to the wrong people. There are 2 modules that now have support for restricting teacher-parent messaging:

  • Private Messaging
  • Mass (Parent) Messaging

Restricting Private Messaging

When Private Messaging is enabled for the Parent Portal, the system enables a Teacher Directory. When configuring the Parent Portal, there is now an additional option for “Parents can only send messages to teachers of their enrolled child”. This setting is available under “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off”, when you click “Configure” for the Parent Portal module:

Configure Parent Portal to Restrict Private Messaging to Teachers

Configure Parent Portal to Restrict Private Messaging to Teachers

With the setting turn on, the Teacher Directory will still display a full listing of teachers, but the “Send Message” link will only appear for teachers that are teaching students for that parent:

Teacher Directory with Restricted Access for Parents

Teacher Directory with Restricted Access for Parents

Additionally, when creating a new Private Message (using the conversation bubble on the top right), the dropdown will only include teachers that parents should have access to: Read more…

Paid Mass (Parent) Messaging

September 10, 2018

Quickschools Parent Messaging allows school users to send messages to parents, students, and teachers via email, text (SMS), and voice message. These school users are the teachers, staffs, school admins, etc.

Sending of emails is always freely available even for trial subscriptions. Text and voice messages on the other hand follows a pre-pay system so you’d need to purchase a credit to use them. This credit gets used up as you send out messages via text or voice.

To purchase a credit, your account needs to be subscribed with Quickschools. You’ll have the option to buy credit once you have subscribed:

After buying a credit, the Send Text Message and Call Phones buttons become available so you can start sending text and voice messages: Read more…