New Release – Mar 27, 2023

Today’s release contains improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart as well as other areas of our Student Information System:

Send the Schedule PDF via email to students directly from the Student record

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler

  • Restrict duplicate courses (with same Course Code)
  • Show Course Code when displaying Course Constraints in Step 3
  • Improve UI for Advanced Search in Step 5
  • Customize generated Section Name in Step 6
  • Ability to email Schedule PDF from Student record (see above)

Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart

  • Improve Checkout Flow for Shopping Carts that have already been checked out
  • Bug Fix Undo Cancellation from Order Fulfillment
  • Bug Fix Lunch Order Listing in Parent Portal

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • New Audit Trail for Simplified Scheduler (see below)
  • New Audit Trail for School Profile (see below)
  • Report Creator support for Student Documents
  • Support for Fee Category in printed Invoice PDF
  • Support for Course Code and Course Name in Transcripts PDF
  • Improve support for In-Screen Help

Beta Improvements

  • Support for multiple School IDs in SFTP Importer
  • Support Student ID Card in PDF Templates App

New Audit Trail

We’ve added Audit Trail support in 2 areas:

  • School Profile
  • Simplified Scheduling

On the “School Profile” page, you’ll see a new “History” link next to the “Save” button:

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How does an SIS help increase parental involvement in schools?

student information system can help parental involvements at schools

Parents’ participation and involvement play a huge role in student success. It can lead to positive outcomes for both the school and its students. In this article, we will discuss how a School Information System can help increase parental involvement and participation in schools.

There are various ways parents can be more involved and engaged in schools. From volunteering in classrooms, attending school events, and regularly communicating with teachers, to actively participating in their children’s academic progress.

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March 2023 Webinar Announcement

Spring is here, and we’re counting down the days to host the first part of our Orchestra Master Scheduler webinar. Sign up and you’ll get an exclusive look into our master scheduler.

Discussion highlights include:

  • A brief overview of the philosophy guiding design decisions for the Orchestra Master Scheduler (OMS)
  • A summary of current features and capabilities
  • Latest improvements which include the “Next Course” functionality, and the “Build and Load” process
  • Product roadmap              

This webinar is suitable for school administrators and principals. We also welcome current OMS users and those looking for a scheduling system to help them simplify their work.

As per usual, our webinar is interactive. The 30-minute presentation session includes a live demo. You’ll also get to post questions and answer polls. We’ll follow up with a 30-minute Q&A session. Here’s your chance to engage in a more detailed discussion with our panelists. We’d love to answer your questions and hear any suggestions/feedback from you.

The Orchestra Master Scheduler webinar will be held on Thursday, March 30th at 11 AM (PST) / 2 PM (EST). For current QuickSchools and Orchestra customers, you can register by logging on to your QuickSchools account. The registration link is available on the Teachers’ Lounge page. If you’re not currently our customer, please send an email to to let us know of your interest in attending our webinar.

Looking forward to hosting you!

Current QuickSchools and Orchestra customers can register by logging on to QuickSchools and clicking on the “Register Now” button on the Teachers’ Lounge page.

Is the digitalization of school management in today’s world a need?

digitalization of school management for schools

Digitalization is the act of applying digital technology to everyday tasks to make lives easier. This includes automating tasks previously done manually, such as using a software program to generate reports instead of spreadsheets or manual processes. It could also involve using digital devices to complete tasks previously done offline. One example, an application on your smartphone to place your food orders at a restaurant instead of having waiters write down customer orders from every table. This begs the question, is digitalization in school management a need?

Digitalization in education refers to using desktop computers, mobile devices, software applications, the internet, and other digital tools in the teaching and learning process to improve efficiency and productivity.

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New Release – Mar 8, 2023

Yesterday, we released improvements in several areas including the Payment Plan, Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart, Online Tests and Private Messaging:

Private Messaging now supports Searching messages by user, and Searching message contents

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Payment Plan

  • Show Stripe Connection screen when not connected to Stripe
  • New Notes section for Skipped payments
  • Only show Active Payment Plans by default
  • Advanced Filtering for Payment Plans
  • New email notifications for upcoming payments and expiring credit cards
  • Support for Report Creator

Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart

  • Parents can edit orders
  • Refactor how Subtotal and Total Cost are calculated and displayed
  • Improve re-processing of orders after cancellation
  • Additional Safeguards against duplicate orders
  • Bug Fix manual create order by admin with Mark-Up
  • Bug Fix rounding of orders with Mark-Up

Online Tests

  • Improve Teacher / Subject Selector
  • Improve screen for Adding new Online Test
  • Support Tags for Online Tests

Private Messaging (See above)

  • Search Inbox
  • Search Message Thread

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Barcode Support for Sign-In / Sign-Out App (see below)
  • Improve how teachers names are imported based on name format
  • Improve file size checking when attaching files to mass emails
  • Improve description for Online Payments via Admissions and Online Forms
  • Display module information from Online Payments
  • Improve SFTP Importer to handle student name formats and duplicate courses

Barcode Support for Sign-In / Sign-Out App

If you’re using the QuickSchools Student ID Card with generated barcode, you can now use it with the Sign-In / Sign-Out App:

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