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Is QuickSchools right for you?

July 17, 2018

Do you need an affordable School Management System?

QuickSchools is extremely affordable with our basic plan starting off at just $0.99 per student per month. You can have as many teacher/staff accounts as needed, each month you only pay for the number of students you have enrolled, once a student is unenrolled you are no longer charged for them. There are NO ADDITIONAL TAXES OR FEES. You can even save up to 10% off your yearly subscription if you pay in advance. See more information here

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Looking for an SIS for a specific type of school?

Thanks to the flexibility and customizability of our software we have the ability to support many different types of schools. Currently our subscribers include K-12 schools, language schools, beauty schools, music schools, medical training centers, home schools, daycares, small colleges, after school programs and more. If you need help customizing your account for one of these schools contact our support team via Live Chat or via email at


Do you need a support team at your fingertips to help you when you need it?

Our Support Team is available via Live Chat Pop Out to help you with any of your needs. Live Chat is available all day weekdays and there is partial coverage on the weekend.


Are you interested in testing out a new SIS without having to pay anything?

You can try QuickSchools RISK-FREE by signing up for a FREE 30 day trial. To create a trial you do not need to enter any type of payment information, simply fill in 5 quick fields and you are on your way to test out the system with full access to all of our plans and features, to sign up for a FREE trial click here

Online Payments

July 16, 2018

Quickschools allows parents and students to pay for their fees online. They can pay for their tuition fees, uniforms, books, etc. basically any charge you set for the students. All they have to do is to log in to Parent Portal (for parents) or Student Portal (for students) to make payment using their credit card. To enable the Online Payments feature, click here.

We use the service called for online payments. You simply have to sign up with Stripe via Fee Tracking to use our online payment facility:

Set up your Stripe account with Quickschools via Online Payments tab under Fee Tracking

To see if Stripe is available in your country, click here.


After setting up your Stripe account with Quickschools, parents should be able to pay online via parent portal. The same goes for students via student portal if Online Payments has been enabled for them.

Parent Portal page where parents can initiate online payment.

Payments made by parents will automatically reflect in Quickschools under Online Payments tab:

It will also appear in the student’s account under Family Billing/Student Billing:

Let us know if you have questions, come chat with us!

Introduction to Districts / Group Schools

July 13, 2018

Back in April, we announced a new feature that we were working on. This new feature is in support for districts and group schools where multiple QuickSchools accounts can be linked together for a more seamless experience. Some of these improvements / benefits includes:

  • Users can easily switch between schools without having to log in again
  • Easily transfer data between schools, and maintain local control of transferred data
  • Easily share data between schools
  • Easily manage users across the group, along with user access to modules
  • Easily configure access to modules for all schools in the group
  • Create consolidated reports to compare statistics between schools
  • Easily send messages to all parents at all schools (without duplication of messages)
  • Standardize Online Forms for all schools, and reroute submissions to specific schools

Switch Between Schools easily when accounts are linked

We’ve put together a short video on this new capability with some examples of how it all works:

If you’re interested in setting this up for your district / group of schools, please don’t hesitate to contact QuickSchools support.

Collecting Fees via Online Forms

July 12, 2018

Using the Online Forms in QuickSchools, you can collect fees from parents or students. There are 2 options when collecting fees:

  • Immediate payment: pay using Credit Card upon completing the online form
  • Charge to account: students will be charged via Fee Tracking upon completing the online form

Immediate Payment

This option will collect payment before the parent/student can submit the form. You’ll need to set up the fees that need to be paid – and these fees will be shown to parents/students on the last step, right before completing the online form.
Note: Stripe should be set up on your account for this to work

As you can see above, the parent/student needs to enter his/her credit card information to make payment, in order to complete the form submission. You can use this option for selling tickets to events (like an End-Of-Term Concert), or for products like T-Shirts and books.

The Online Forms module can be made accessible to the public, so you don’t have to be a QuickSchools users in order to submit (and pay for) forms. For more information on this method, click here.

Charge to Account

For this option, you’ll also need set up the fees to be paid. The parent/student will just need to confirm these fees before completing the form. The fee will be added to the student’s account under Fee Tracking as a charge and parents/students can make payment at a later time:

Since the fee will be charged to the students, this method is only applicable to students that already exist in the system.

For information in setting up this method, click here.

Please chat with us if you have questions. We’d be glad to help!

Online Forms: Attachments

July 11, 2018

In the Online Forms module, you can now allow applicants to attach files to their submissions in QuickSchools. Just be sure to turn it on when configuring the Online Form Packet:

Configure Online Forms to Upload Files

Configure Online Forms to Upload Files

Once turned on, the applicant will be able to upload files to the submissions:

Upload Files while submitting Online Forms

Upload Files while submitting Online Forms

Be sure to adjust your instructions section, so that applicant know what they need to attach to their applications.

When you access the submission, the uploaded document will appear at the bottom, under the “Additional Documents” section: Read more…

Re-Inviting Parents to the Parent Portal

July 10, 2018

If you’re using the Parent Portal and preparing for the new school year with QuickSchools, it’s important to note that you don’t have to re-invite all your parents. You just need to invite your NEW parents. In any case, it’s always a good idea to send out a quick email to all parents, reminding them about access to the Parent Portal, how it works, and how to get help.

New QuickSchools Parent Portal Interface

New QuickSchools Parent Portal Interface

Tip: If you haven’t set up a dedicated page for parents on your website, we highly recommend that you set one up. This will help improve the experience for parents. We have some ideas here:

So back to the topic at hand…

You can use the Mass Parent Messaging Feature to send out an email to all parents, regardless of whether they’ve been invited to the Parent Portal. The crux of the message should contain the following salient points:

  • Link to your site (for Parent Portal Access). Username should be the email address
    • Do not sign up for an account
  • Tips for Parents
    • Supported Browsers
    • How to use the “Forgot password”
    • Engaging Chat Support
  • Contact the school if have never been invited before

Here’s an example email: Read more…

Online Forms: Saving Your Submission

July 9, 2018

In the Online Forms module in QuickSchools, there is a little known capability to allow applicants to save their online form, and submit it later. This is particularly useful if your form packet contains a large number of forms. Just be sure to turn on the feature when you’re configuring the Online Form Packet. Here’s what it looks like:


Configure Online Form Packet for Non-Authenticated Users

Configure Online Form Packet for Non-Authenticated Users

Once enabled, when an applicant accesses the Online Form via your public web page, they’ll be greeted with 2 options:

Online Form with Retrieval by Unauthenticated Users

Online Form with Retrieval by Unauthenticated Users

When applying for the first time, after clicking “New Submission“, the applicant will need to fill in his/her name and email address:

Creating a New Online Form Submission for Unauthenticated User

Once submitted, the system will display the reference number: Read more…