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Entering Historical Grades

February 12, 2019

Entering historical grades may be necessary if you’re transitioning to Quickschools. We have import tools to make this easier for you. Our import tools allow you to import data from an excel file.


The following data should already be in the system before you enter historical grades:

Here we discuss the final 2 steps to enter historical grades:

  • Import subject enrollments
  • Import grades


See Import Subject Enrollment for detailed instructions.

Turning on this feature enables it for admin users. Should you need a non-admin user to have an access, please send us an email at


There are two ways to import grades to the system:

  • Import per gradebook
  • Import for multiple gradebooks (beta)

Import Per Gradebook

You can populate a gradebook with multiple columns at once using our Import tool. The columns represent entries like assignment, quizzes, exams, etc. Once enabled, this feature is available for all teachers. See Gradebook Import for instructions.

Import for Multiple Gradebooks (beta)

This tool allows you to import grades for multiple subjects at once. Please email us at if you need access to this importer.

For schools who just need to show final grades for Transcripts, they may do so by importing solely the student final grades. The final grade automatically appears in the student
Report Cards, as well as Transcripts.

Please note that this procedure is only applicable for subject grade marks. This does not apply on subjects that use subject criteria to grade students.

We’d love to hear from you, please chat with us if you have questions!

Custom Usernames

February 7, 2019

When inviting users to access QuickSchools, by default, an email address is required. We have a new Custom Username feature that is in Private Beta. This feature allows you to add usernames for Students & Parents instead of email address.

With this feature turned on you will see a “Username” button when you open a record:

1.25 blog 1

Clicking “Username” will allow you add/edit a username and password:

1.25 blog 2

A couple things to note about this feature:

  • Students and Parents will not need email addresses on file
  • Can be used for Teachers but they will still need to have an email address on file
  • School is responsible for handing out usernames/passwords
  • School responsible for resetting forgotten passwords

Please contact QuickSchools support if you’d like to try out this new feature.


Import Subject Enrollment

February 5, 2019

Quickschools allows you to import subject enrollment of students, facilitating the import of other data like grades. This is especially helpful if you are transitioning to Quickschools and you need to input historical grades and generate transcripts.

To enable the feature, go to SETTINGS > Turn Features On/Off > click Configure across Report Cards/Gradebook. Check “Enable Subject & Subject Enrollment Import” to enable the feature:

The “Import Subjects” and “Import Enrollments” buttons will now appear under Subjects > Global Subject Setup tab:


Before you can import subject enrollment, you have to import the subjects first by clicking the “Import Subjects” button.These are the fields that should be contained in your file: Read more…

Copying Grades from one Gradebook to another

January 28, 2019

QuickSchools allows teachers to copy grades from one of their gradebooks into another existing gradebook. This could be helpful if the teacher needs to merge gradebooks, or if a student moves to another class.

First, go to the Gradebook where the grades are to be copied into (i.e. the destination gradebook) and click any student name. This will bring up a window that lists all the subjects the student is enrolled in. Click the Copy button to start the copy of grades:

The ‘Copy grades’ window appears where you can add students whose grades need to be copied. You can also map the columns accordingly:

Click the Copy Grades button to initiate the copy. A popup window will appear to confirm the copy:

Review the grades then click Save to complete the process.

For more information, please click our support article here: How To Copy Student Grades Between Gradebooks

New Labels for Sign In/Out App

January 24, 2019

Quick update for anyone using the Sign In/Sign Out app from the QuickSchools app store! We recently changed the labels for this app, so if you are using the parent sign in option you will now see “Parent Sign-In/Sign-Out” instead of Sign-In/Sign-Out. If you are using the student sign in function you will now see “Student Sign-In/Sign-Out” instead of Sign-In/Sign-Out.1.24 Blog.png

If you have not had a chance to check out this app you can try it now. Just head over to our App Store while logged into your QuickSchools account. This app gives you the option to have parents and/or students sign in/out each day.

See more in how it works here: Sign-In/Sign-Out App

New Release: Sprint E1

January 22, 2019

Our first sprint of the year has been released. Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Simplified Scheduler
    • Performance Improvement
  • Master Scheduler (Beta) Improvements
    • Improved Alternate Bell Schedule Support (see below)
  • Lunch Ordering App (see below)
    • Display total by status for the month
    • Show orders as Unsubmitted / Pending
    • Fix for pages loading blank
  • Online Forms App
    • Improved SVG Support (for Cross-Browser Compatibility)
    • Filter for Mapped / Unmapped Fields (see below)
  • Parent Messaging Auto-Recharge (Beta) (see below)
  • Getting Started Page
    • Warnings for upgrading plan
  • Miscellaneous Fixes and Bug Fixes
    • Gradebook PDF supports Nickname (Beta)
    • Remove spaces when importing students emails
    • Warning when creating Standards with duplicate ID (Standard-Based Grading)
    • Improved support for Chinese characters in Report Card PDF
    • Sign-In / Sign-Out App tabs renamed
    • Attendance Importer Time Zone Bug Fix
    • Admissions Embedded Form Dropdown Fields Bug Fix
    • Library Members Dropdown bug fix

Master Scheduler Alternate Bell Schedule

The Alternate Bell Schedule in our Master Scheduler module now supports deactivation and sorting or periods based on the primary Bell Schedule:

Altername Bell Schedule in Master Scheduler

Altername Bell Schedule in Master Scheduler

Once the Alternate Bell Schedule is configured, the corresponding PDF that is generated for each student is also updated.

Lunch Order App Improvements

The Lunch Ordering screen for parents have been improved. You should no longer see blank screens. And, we now display totals along the top: Read more…

Learning Management (LMS vs. SIS)

January 14, 2019

While scouring the internet for a suitable system for your school, you may come across these 2 terms: Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS). The latter can sometimes also be referred to as a Student Management System (SMS). What are the differences? And what do you get with QuickSchools?

LMS and SIS actually occupy difference spaces in the market. But due to the nature of systems, and the tendency for schools to want to stick to ONE system/platform, the features of these 2 systems often overlap. We wrote about this a while back, in the article below. But we thought it’d be worth revisiting this topic, for schools that are considering either an LMS or an SIS:

So here is a rough comparison between the two types of systems:

Student Information System (SIS)

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Focus is on record keeping (student info, attendance, grades, discipline, etc…)
  • Focus is on delivery of content to students (like homework assignments, tests, quizzes, etc…)
  • Primarily used by school administrators, but can extend to students, teachers and parents.
  • Primarily used by teachers and students, but can extend to parents and school administrators.

As mentioned above, even when a platform focuses on ONE key area/market, features often overlap. For example, it’s not uncommon to find an LMS that also tracks grades and attendance, and then produces report cards. You may also find an SIS that allows teachers to post homework assignments to students. But due to the focus of each system, report cards produced by an LMS is typically not as flexible as those produced by an SIS. And likewise, the ability to share content with students in an SIS is typically not as robust as with an LMS.

If you are looking for a single system that has both SIS and LMS features, here are some LMS features that QuickSchools currently supports:

The following LMS features are currently not yet supported in QuickSchools, so if these features are important you should consider a full-fledged LMS: Read more…