Top 10 Best Online Accredited Homeschool Programs for 2023

Top 10 Best Online Accredited Homeschool Programs for 2023

Homeschooling has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity over recent years, with families increasingly recognizing the benefits of tailor-made education for their children. However, selecting the right homeschool program can be daunting. To assist parents and guardians in this crucial decision-making process, we delve into the top 10 homeschool programs in the United States. Each program offers comprehensive learning experiences, fostering academic excellence, character development, and overall growth.

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Now That’s A Nobel Idea: Nobel Prize Nominee John Burdon Sanderson Haldane

Nobel Prize Nominee John Burdon Sanderson Haldane

As we come to the week when the Nobel Prizes of 2023 are handed out to remarkable individuals (held on December 10th), we continue on with our ‘Now That’s A Nobel Idea’ series. Celebrating those that contributed greatly to society and remained a huge impact to our world even though they did not win the prestigious prize. 

Welcome to the extraordinary world of John Burdon Sanderson Haldane, a visionary scientist whose contributions to genetics, evolutionary biology, and population genetics left an indelible mark on the scientific community. Born on November 5, 1892, in Oxford, England, Haldane’s intellectual journey would take him across continents, blending science, philosophy, and social activism.

We dive into another brilliant scientist who had a nobel idea but unfortunately did not win the Nobel Prize. 

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New Release – Dec 5, 2023

Our latest QuickSchools release contains primarily improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler and API improvements for Zapier and Engage, with some general improvements to our Email Deliverability and Lunch Orders / Shopping Cart. 

Match Tags on Course Requests against Teachers

Full list of improvements are below:

Master Scheduler

  • Optimize Step 5 “Load Students”
  • Expand Tag functionality in Step 5
  • Improve Multi-Semester Support for Schedule PDF
  • Improve Multi-Semester Support in Teachers Schedule
  • Improve Step 6 Add/Drop Notifications
  • Bug Fix Advanced Search for deleted courses

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Bug fix Lunch Ordering for expired Shopping Cart items
  • Improve support for Lunch Orders PDF (without Homerooms)
  • Improvements to Email Deliverability

Beta Improvements

  • Bug Fix Transferring Students for Group Schools
  • Restrict access to accounts based on Geo IP
  • Updated Webhooks API Framework for Zapier
  • API Improvements for Engage CRM

Emphasizing Student Mental Health as a Priority for the New School Year 

Emphasizing Student Mental Health as a Priority for the New School Year 

As students return to classrooms and embark on a new academic year, the educational landscape is evolving to meet not only their academic needs but also their mental well-being. In response to the increasing recognition of the importance of mental health, teachers are embracing a new practice: adding mental health check-ins to their lesson plans. This innovative approach reflects a growing understanding of the impact of student mental health on their ability to thrive academically and personally.

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Now That’s A Nobel Idea: Nobel Prize Nominee Vladimir Nabokov 

Nobel Prize Nominee Vladimir Nabokov 

The Nobel Prize has illuminated the paths of many remarkable minds throughout history. Though the award is granted only to a select few, there are those whose influence on literature persists, even in the absence of this esteemed recognition. 

In this installment, we dive into the legacy of a literary luminary who continues to captivate readers to this day. Join us as we explore the life and works of the acclaimed Russian-American author,  Vladimir Nabokov,  who graced the literary world with his brilliance.

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