QuickSchools Library App

Our recent release for QuickSchools includes two key improvements to the QuickSchools Library App:

Add Book by Scanning ISBN

When adding a new book to your catalog, there’s a new “Scan ISBN” button that allows you to quickly scan the ISBN barcode. 

Look up Book Details by Scanning the ISBN Barcode

QuickSchools will then search the Google library, and pull details for the book, which you can use to create the book record in your QuickSchools Library App:

Book Details retrieved by Scanning the ISBN Barcode

Note that books pulled from Google will also contain an image of the book.

Generate Barcode and Label

When adding a book, you now have the option to generate a Barcode by clicking on the “Generate” button:

Generate a Barcode for each book

Once the book item is created, you can use the “View Bar Code” button to generate a barcode label for the book, which you can print on sticky labels to be affixed to the book:

Generate a barcode label for each book in your Library catalog

For more information on the Library App, check out our User Manuals here:

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