The Case for the Report Creator

The Report Creator is a reporting module that is included with our Athena Plan. For all other plans, you can install it from our App Store:

Report Creator App
Report Creator App

Since its initial release back in 2015, we’ve made many improvements to the module. We thought we’d highlight some of the key benefits for having this module enabled in your QuickSchools account:

Data Exploration

Create your own reports, sort columns, create filters, including charts and graphs.

Send Email from Report

Create a report for any scenario, and send out email alerts based on the contents of your report. For example, create a report for all students who were absent today, and send an email to the parents of all those students.

View/Filter Students by Report

Use reports to filter students on the main Students listing. For example, create a report on all your Special Ed students, and then peruse all Special Ed students in the Students listing, based on that report.

Reporting across multiple schools

Create a reports across multiple schools in your group, and consolidate/compare demographic and other statistical data.

Copy Reports

Create as many reports as you want. Make copies, and share them with others.


The report creator is the backbone for our new Dashboard module that is under-development.

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