Sync Gradebook by Subject

We are introducing a new feature in the Google Classroom Integration app, that allows teachers to manage and pull grades from Google Classroom for their own subjects in QuickSchools. When enabled, teachers will see a new “Sync with Google Classroom” button in their Gradebook:

Clicking on the button will initiate a synchronization with Google Classroom. Some things to note about the Google Classroom Integration:

  • The school admin needs to install and configure the Google Classroom Integration app for the whole school (available in our App Store). If the setup is incomplete, an error message will appear.
  • When synchronizing the gradebook, the student enrollment may change, depending on how your school administrator configured the auto-enrollment feature.
  • Some elements from Google Classroom will not transfer over, namely the category, final grade and comments. So teachers can freely update this information in QuickSchools. This data will not be overwritten by subsequent synchronizations. 

NOTE FOR ADMINISTRATORS: The feature will require that the School Administrator configure the Google Classroom Integration app as follows:

Enable the Feature

When configuring the app, be sure to “Enable “Sync with Gradebook Classroom” for teachers”:

Set Default User

There is one new configuration required. At the bottom of the admin screen, you’ll need to set up a “Default User”. This is the user the system will use to determine how your data is mapped. 

Be sure you’re logged in as this user when you’re mapping your data.

We’ll be providing more information in upcoming articles, to consolidate all the information available here as well as from the recently completed the Google Classroom Integration Webinar for Administrators. Keep your eye out for that!

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