Fee Tracking Features

QuickSchools has come a long way since our Early Days. So here’s an updated summary of what our Fee Tracking module can do:

The Basics

You can easily add charges and payments for each student. You can also generate invoices, which is simply a collection of charges:

QuickSchools Fee Tracking Module features

We modelled our Fee Tracking module after Credit Card statements. You can designate a statement period (i.e. a start and end date), and the system will (1) calculate an opening balance, (2) calculate a closing / outstanding balance, and (3) display all transactions within the specified period. You can also print out invoices and receipts.

For the Power User

Be sure to turn on any additional features that you need from the “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off” page:

Learn more about QuickSchools Fee Tracking

Features include:

  • Use Standard Charges to create custom charges in bulk for multiple students.
  • Categorize your transactions for reporting purposes.
    • Categories are mapped to Product & Services in QuickBooks Online
  • Track fees and payments by Student or by Family
    • For Family Billing, each student is assigned a Primary Payer, who is responsible for making payments
  • Track late payments using Fee Deadlines
  • Track unpaid charges using Payment Allocation
    • Auto-Allocate function available for individual students, as well as in bulk
  • Generate, Print or Email Statements in Bulk
  • Use Email Templates to send messages to students/primary payers
  • Import Fees via Excel

Online Payments

Connect your QuickSchools account with Stripe so you can collect payments from students and parents directly from the Student and Parent Portals:

Online Payments feature at QuickSchools

With Online Payments enabled, you can also collect payments from the Online Forms modules.

Future Improvements

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product and services. New improvements are prioritized based on demand. Improvements we are considering include:

  • Ability for administrators to charge credit cards entered by students and parents in the Student and Parent Portals
  • Support for students and parents to pay via ACH (i.e. bank transfer)

If you want to customize the printed Invoice, Receipt and Statement, be sure to contact our support team for customization services.

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