Admissions Module Features

Now that summer is here, schools can use this time to increase enrollment by tracking inquiries and applications on QuickSchools

The Applications module in QuickSchools

Here are few key features of the Admissions module has to offer:

Embedded Forms for your website

Allow visitors to your website to submit an inquiry or an application online. Embedded forms are fully customizable to fit your brand. Receive an email notification when a form is submitted. Then follow-up quickly and easily via customizable Email Templates.

Track Conversion from Inquiries to Applications

Easily convert inquiries to applications, and then applications to student enrollment, without having to re-enter any information. Fully digitize your online admissions flow.

Customize / Personalize emails based on Scenario

Create custom email templates that generate personalized emails for every situation: Request for missing documents, Schedule a school visit, Send payment information, Offer acceptance to students. You can streamline all communications with prospective students and families.

Create Email Templates for Every Situation to both Streamline and Personalize your communication with Applicants

Invite Applicants to Fill in forms Online

Control the admissions process by inviting applicants to privately fill in their application form online. 

Invite Applicants and Customize the online experience for Applicants

Collect Fees for New Applications

Allow applicants to submit payment with their application form. We use Stripe to safely and securely collect payment online from applicants.

Customizable Fields, Workflows and Reports

Create custom fields, custom status, and custom reports using our Report Creator. You can fully customize that data that your track, and how it’s reported.

The Admissions module is currently included in ALL QuickSchools subscription plans. And we even had a webinar about our Admissions module earlier this year. If you’re subscribed, would like to learn more, contact our support team, and we may be able to share a recording from our previous webinar.
Just to let you know as well, we’re making some pretty significant improvements to our Admissions module, which we’re hoping to launch as its own product (similar to how we launched our standalone Orchestra Master Scheduler). Be sure to check in with us in the coming months.

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