Join Our Webinar On Creating Professional Transcripts!

As we approach the season when schools are gearing up to generate transcripts for recent graduates and college admissions, our upcoming December webinar will focus on exploring the capabilities of the QuickSchools Transcripts module.

The Creating Professional Transcripts webinar is designed for school administrators. It is suitable for users at all proficiency levels. We’ll provide an overview of the basic features in the Transcripts module, and continue by covering more intermediate and advanced concepts.

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Unlock Peace of Mind: 8 Reasons Why You Need the Payment Plan App to Manage School Fees!

8 Reasons Why You Need the Payment Plan App to Manage School Fees

Picture this: a world where managing school fees is as easy as a walk in the park. Welcome to the Payment Plan App – your key to unlocking unparalleled peace of mind. In this article, we’ll unveil 8 compelling reasons why the Payment Plan App is an absolute necessity in your life, transforming the way you manage school fees.

Are you tired of wrestling with complex financial arrangements and endless paper trails? 

The Payment Plan Module has you covered. It’s truly the superhero solution for schools. With automated payment schedules at your fingertips, you can sit back, relax, and trust that every invoice will be paid on time, every time.

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Mini Release – Sept 19, 2023

We are happy to announce that we’ve just released an update to our 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). QuickSchools now supports 2FA via Google Authenticator. The School Admin will first need to enable 2FA via “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off” > “Edit Overall Settings” (under the “Security” section:

Once enabled, each user will have the option use Google Authenticator (instead of regular Email) for authentication:

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September 2023 Webinar for Teachers

🍎 As the 2023-2024 school year gets into full swing, we understand that teachers are gearing up for the challenges and opportunities it brings.

At QuickSchools, we’re committed to supporting teachers every step of the way. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce two live, FREE webinars designed specifically to enhance your teaching journey. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the exciting details, so you can mark your calendars and make the most of this invaluable opportunity.

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