New Release – May 9, 2022

Today’s release focuses primarily on the Orchestra Master Scheduler, with some general improvements to several modules and beta apps:

Step 5 “Breakdown by department” includes Rejection info

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Properly handle Current Grade vs. Next Grade
  • Improve support for Next Course when settings are imported from another Enrollment Period
  • New “Scheduling Algorithm” in Step 4 supports (1) Singleton vs. Remaining and (2) Distribute vs. Randomize
  • Include Rejection Info when showing the Completion Status “Breakdown by Department” in Step 5
  • Clear Rejections after restoring a Save Point
  • Add support for Rejection Reasons to Report Creator and Summary Reports
  • Bug fix – Record only ONE rejection per section and course requests
  • Bug fix – Disable “Distribute Students” in Step 5 for Weekly Schedule

General (Functional) Improvements

  • New Sign-In/Sign-Out Summary for Student Portal
  • Add support for Online Payments in Report Creator
  • Handle special characters properly in Subject Names
  • Trim Student Name when student profile is saved.

General Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix when adding Book Title with Special Characters into Library App
  • Bug fix when viewing the Student record after switching schools (for Group Schools)
  • Disable link from Standard-Based Gradebook to Report Cards when Standard-Based Gradebook is uninstalled
  • Bug fix Report Creator for Student Grade Level

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Support Self-Enrollment from Parent Portal
  • Add support for Private Messaging to Applicant Portal
  • Add support for Online Forms to Applicant Portal
  • Fix how HTML is rendered in Online Tests App

/ Sign-Out for Student Portal

We’ve create a new screen for students to view the Sign-In / Sign-Out records from the Student Portal:

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Patch Release – Feb 21, 2022

QuickSchools released a mini patch to address various improvements. 

Here are the latest Improvements in this patch:

Our next scheduled release is targeted for the week of March 7, and should include more improvements to the Master Scheduler and Section Attendance. If you have any further questions or suggestions for improvement, please chat with us online. We look forward to hearing from you

Bringing 2021 to a close

I always found it surreal when it comes to writing end-of-year messages. Seriously, is it that time already? Where did the year go?

It’s been 2 solid years since Covid-19 was first detected. The rapid spread and deadly effect it had took the world by surprise. There was fear everywhere, many economies were devastated, livelihoods threatened (for some, vanished), mental health suffered, and worst of all, many of us experienced the loss of a family member, a close friend, or an acquaintance. It’s been absolutely unreal.

At QuickSchools, we saw first-hand how the pandemic wreaked havoc to several customers, especially those operating in places heavily reliant on travel and tourism where the economy simply tanked. Widespread income losses meant reduced enrollment and a severe loss in revenue that made running the school even more challenging. There was much uncertainty about what the future would hold and this was when we witnessed the incredible power of the human spirit, specifically from you, fellow educators.

Schools big and small all had to go online and they did so with a passion. On our end, we intensified our development on our integrations to several LMS, chiefly the Google Classroom app to make it a lot smoother. It is wonderful to see that many schools are using the integration to ensure data between the two systems are in sync.

2021 also ushered in the release of our second product dubbed Orchestra by QuickSchools. We welcome several wonderful schools to the QuickSchools family via Orchestra and we are super excited to help more customers on this awesome online master scheduler product in the years to come.

As usual, we released a ton of improvements throughout the year that we hope have made your experience on QuickSchools a little if not a lot better.

Looking further ahead, QuickSchools will continue with our mission to create useful tools for you, fellow educators! Our LMS, Learn by QuickSchools will be released by Q2 of this year and our CRM for education – Engage by QuickSchools – will follow suit later this year. Finally, we hope and pray that the pandemic will go away soon and may all of you and your families be safe from its harm until it’s truly gone and behind us.

Happy holidays and have a safe and healthy new year!

Thanks For Making Our September 2021 Webinar A Success!

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar on Mastering the Gradebook with QuickSchools. This was our most successful webinar to date!

Webinar presenter – Azroy Kandan – explaining how teachers can use our Gradebook module to its fullest.

We sent a follow-up email to all registrants. We appreciate it if you could provide us with feedback so we can make the next webinar even better. Also, in case you missed joining the session or would simply like a copy of the recording, please let us know by filling in the survey included in the follow-up email. Our team will send you a link to the recording once it’s available.

We’re already preparing for our next webinar, which will focus on Report Cards. Keep an eye out for a detailed announcement in early October. We look forward to hosting you. Till then, stay safe!

Planned Outage – Jan 1, 2021

Despite our previously planned outage on Dec 27, we unfortunately need some additional time to complete some server upgrades. QuickSchools will be offline this Friday, on Jan 1, 2021, starting at 1 am US Eastern Time. The QuickSchools service will be offline for approximately 2 hours.

We hope all users will take this time for a well-deserved break, and enjoy a good start to the 2021 calendar year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support staff via email or chat.

Happy New Year!