Online Payments via ACH

We recently released a new feature related to the Online Payment modules on June 6 (with improvements on July 6). Schools in the United States that subscribe to QuickSchools can now collect payments from students and payments via ACH Bank Transfer.

This feature is in BETA: If you would want this enabled for your school, please contact our Support Team.

Configuring the App

To enable this feature, go to the “Settings” page, and enable the setting under the School Fees Tracking” module:

There are separate settings for Credit Card vs. ACH Bank Transfer. And you can decide whether to absorb the transaction fee, or to charge a convenience fee to the payer.

Student Paying Online

Once you’ve connected your account to Stripe, Student make payments directly from their Student Portal:

With ACH enabled, you will see a new “Payment Options”. And clicking on it will allow the user to add either a Credit Card or a Bank Account:

Parents Paying Online

Parents will see a similar screen. With regular student billing, parents can select a student first, before making payment:

With Family Billing, parents can see all transactions for all students, and make a single payment:

Setting up a Bank Account

When adding a Bank Account via ACH, you will first need to enter your Bank Account details:

Once the Bank Account record is created, Stripe will make 2 small deposits into your bank account. 

You will need to verify your bank account by confirming the amount of the 2 deposits made:

Once the account is verified, you can freely make payments via the bank account on file.

Accepting ACH Payments

When a payment is made via ACH Bank Transfer, Stripe does require up to 7 business days to process payment. During this time, the transaction in QuickSchools will appear as Pending:

Be sure to synchronize with Stripe to get the latest updates from Stripe. This is done via the “Synchronize with Stripe” button that appears on the “Online Payments” sub-menu.

NOTE: You can schedule the synchronizations to occur automatically via the “Schedule Synchronization” button.

If you need help using this feature, please feel free to contact our support team. We’ve be happy to help!

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