New Release – August 1, 2022

In today’s release, we’re including framework improvements for our upcoming Lunch Order and Shopping Cart modules. Release also includes a mix of improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, Admissions, Sign-In/Sign-Out, and security, just to name a few.

Step 4 Scheduler supports color-coding without “Organize by department”

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Color Code Step 4 when “Organize by department” is not enabled (See above

Security Improvements

  • General Security Improvements
  • Improve Privacy on Test Server

General (Functional) Improvements

  • Ability to hide Admissions Application Statuses (See below)
  • Show Custom Fields for Documents on Student record
  • Importer for Sign-In/Sign-Out App (See below)
  • Improve Report Creator support for Sign-In/Sign-Out App

General Bug Fixes

  • Improve Support for Disputed Charges in Fee Tracking with Online Payments
  • Improve Support for OneRoster (v1.1) Integration
  • Upgrade Text Messaging Framework
  • Bug Fix Alerts Framework for deleted parents
  • Bug Fix when adding new Online Test
  • Other Server Updates

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Lunch Ordering Support for Online Payment
  • New Shopping Cart Framework
  • Ability to Share Dashboard
  • Improvements to Bulk Charge Credit Cards via Standard Charges
  • Add support to disable Auto-Enrollment for Canvas Integration
  • Add support to automatically Un-enroll students for Canvas Integration
  • Fix District-Wide Students for Group School

Hide Application Status

In the Admissions module, when configuring the Application Statuses, you now have the option to hide certain status:

Hide built-in Application Statuses

Only Built-In statuses can be hidden.

Importer for Sign-In/Sign-Out

The Sign-In/Sign-Out App now has an importer. So if you have data from an external system, you can now import them directly into QuickSchools:

New “Import” feature for Sign-In/Sign-Out App

This importer is current for the Parent version of the Sign-In/Sign-Out App

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