New Release – Feb 14, 2022

Today’s release focuses primarily on the Orchestra Master Scheduler, plus minor improvements to our new Online Testing module (Alpha) and Student Information System.

New option to Bulk Lock/Unlock Section Assignments in Step 5 of the Orchestra Master Scheduler

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Option to Search/Sort Courses by Department ni Step 1
  • Option to Search Teachers by Department in Step 1
  • Option to Resync configured Teacher Names in Step 1
  • Option to color code the days in Step 4
  • Expanded Options to Bulk Lock/Unlock Section Assignments in Step 5 (see above)
  • Option to Clear Section Assignments by Department in Step 5
  • Option to Ignore Teacher Assignment when Loading Step 5
  • Highlight successful Load in Step 5
  • Support Weekly Schedule when finalizing Sections in Step 6 with SIS
  • Bug Fix Copy Target Students
  • Bug Fix Step 5 Student Count for large schools
  • Bug Fix Step 5 When Loading course requests linked to courses that are no longer offered
  • Bug Fix Schedule PDF with SIS enabled

LMS Improvements

  • Online Testing Framework Improvement (Beta)

General Bug Fixes and System Improvements

  • Remove support for deprecated payment gateway
  • Miscellaneous API improvements for Mobile App
  • Fix minor typo during Bank Account Verification for Student/Parent Portal

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