Attendance Codes Report

If you’re taking daily Homeroom-based attendance in QuickSchools with the Custom Attendance Codes app, we’d like to highlight a new report called “Homeroom/Class Teacher (Consolidated Exception) Attendance” Summary Report (Yes, it’s a mouth-full):

Summary Report on Attendance Codes in QuickSchools

This report consolidates all attendance codes, both custom and system codes, into a single roster-style report. Since this is an Exception report, all Present records are excluded. So the report only shows codes that are applied OTHER than Present. This will make it easy to identify trends in attendance for students and classes.

As with all Summary Reports, be sure to STAR this report, to add it to your favorites. You can check out other Attendance-related Summary Reports here:

Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML

QuickSchools uses the Single Assertion Mark-Up Language (SAML) to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) with external systems. You will need an Identity Provider (IDP) like Microsoft Azure or Active Directory to manage logins from multiple Service Providers like QuickSchools. For more information on SAML, check out this article:

This app is currently in Private Beta, and is not yet available on the QuickSchools App Store. This app is only available by request. Please contact our support team, if you would like to try out this feature.


This app requires that your QuickSchools account be configured with District (or Group School) Settings. If you have multiple sites linked as a group, the IDP will be managed centrally by the main account in your group.

Installation and Set-Up

After installing the app, the configuration is in 2 parts:

  • Copy the configuration from the IDP into QuickSchools
  • Copy the QuickSchools SAML Configuration to the IDP

You’ll need to configure the IDP settings in QuickSchools. If you have the “Federation Metadata XML” file from your IDP, you can use the “Upload IDP Metadata” button to upload the configuration. Be sure to select the correct SSO type as well:

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New Release – Sept 28, 2020

The LMS features are coming along nicely. We’ll soon be moving this app out of Beta. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

LMS: Assignments and Live Stream modules (Beta)

  • Teachers can enter grades directly from the Assignments module
  • Parents can access the Live Stream and Calendar from the Parent Portal
  • Redefine Assignment Types to Online, In Person or No Submission
  • Improve Revision History for Student Portal
  • Class Discussion threads can be pinned to the top
  • General Refinements and bug Fixes to the Assignments listing

Google Classroom Integration Improvements

  • Update description for Manual Sync
  • Fix bug when running manual sync while sync is already scheduled
  • Bug fix when syncing columns from outside the active academic term
  • Bug fix when generating Gradebook PDF

Report Creator Improvements

  • Ability for users to remove Shared Reports
  • Additions to the Data Dictionary
    • Online Forms Submitted Email and Reference Number
    • Fee Tracking Due Date
  • Bug Fix when reporting on deleted Online Form Submissions

Other General Improvements

  • Ability to schedule tasks weekly
  • Future support to increase the minimum number of students for subscriptions
  • Improved Support for deletion of Meal Types in Lunch Orders App
  • Support for Conflicts in the Simplified Scheduler via the App Store
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fix when viewing Online Form Submissions
  • Support long category names in the Gradebook
  • Bug fix when generating Missing Grades / Ds and Fs Report
  • Improve file name when accessing report cards from student record
  • Bug fix with Attachments in Email History

NOTE: We had to two patch releases since our last major release on September 7:

  • Sept 15 – QuickBooks Improvements
  • Sept 11 – Assignments for Parent Portal

LMS Improvements

The Assignments Submissions page for teachers now includes an area to enter grades, while automatically appear in the Gradebook:

Enter Grades into the Gradebook directly from the Assignments module

Students now have access to the Revision History when viewing submissions from their portal:

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New App: Attendance Taking by Parents

There is a new app available in the Quickschools App Store named the “Attendance Taking by Parents” app. The idea behind the app is pretty simple – it allows parents to take attendance from the Parent Portal for their children. For schools that are transitioning over to a virtual or hybrid system (partially on campus), this new app may come in handy. Here’s how it works:

When the app is installed and configured, parents will see a “Take Attendance” button below the student basic details:

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New Assignments App (Beta)

In our efforts to provide a more streamlined Online Learning experience, our Assignments App, which is still in Private Beta, is coming along nicely. If you’d like to try out this feature, please contact QuickSchools support. 

So here’s what you can do so far:

  • Teachers can create and view assignments for their subjects
  • Students can upload/submit assignments from the Student Portal
  • System tracks multiple submissions from the same student for the same assignment
  • Teachers can easily review submissions from each student

Moving forward, you can expect the following features:

  • Schedule Assignments to be Published
  • Enter Grades directly from the Submissions screen
  • Easily navigate between Submissions for a particular Assignment
  • Chat Feature for Submissions
  • Annotate Submissions
  • Calendar view for Assignments

If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or chat. It’s your feedback that makes these improvements worthwhile!

Zoom Integration App (Beta)

We announced recently that QuickSchools is working on a Live Stream feature via Zoom Integration. We are happy to announce that a first version of this app has been deployed in last weeks release:

Live Stream App for Zoom Integration

This app is still in Private Beta, which means schools will need to request for this app in order to use it. We hope that early adopters of this app will share feedback with us, so that we can continue to improve the app moving forward.

To connect your QuickSchools account with Zoom, you’ll need to create API credentials from Zoom. More details here:

That’s it for now. We are planning more improvements in the coming months, to help schools with the upcoming school year. Please stay tuned by following us on Facebook or Twitter, in order to get the latest updates.

Apps for LMS Integration

QuickSchools has several apps that integrate to an external LMS. Although there are slight differences in the functionality for each app, the overall approach and style is very similar.

Gradebook Sync

The primary goal of the Integration App is to pull the latest Gradebook data from the external LMS into QuickSchools. This is essentially an import, and no changes are made to the external LMS during this process. However, the synchronization process also includes changes in enrollment. So if you add a student to a course and add grades for that student in the external LMS, or if you remove a student from a course, the integration will automatically enroll or unenroll the student accordingly, in order to match the local QuickSchools Gradebook with the external LMS.

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