New Release – Jan 24, 2022

Here’s our second release for 2022. We continue to make improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, PLUS, general improvements to our new Online Testing module (Alpha) and Student Information System.

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Support multiple day combinations for a specific Course in Step 2 (Image above)
  • Option to Clear Sections by department in Step 4
  • New feature to add/edit/move specific sections within the Weekly Schedule in Step 4
  • Re-add support for Teams in Weekly Schedule in Step 4
  • New Importer for Sections linked to Courses (for SIS)
  • UI Improvement for Sections with Weekly Schedule (for SIS)
  • Bug fix when adding Course Requests from the Student record
  • Bug fix when copying Next Course to new Enrollment Period
  • Bug fix when loading Course Requests in Step 2

LMS Improvements

  • Online Testing Framework Improvement (Beta)

General (Functional) Improvements

  • New History for Standards-Based Gradebook (See below)
  • Option to manually add orders to the Lunch Ordering app
  • Support for external Thank You page for Embedded Admissions Application Form
  • Support for required files for upload for Admissions Application

General Bug Fixes and System Improvements

  • Alerts module is not out of Beta (See below)
  • API Improvements for Trial Sign-Up
  • General improvements to the Standards-Based Gradebook
  • Bug fix student access with student portal is deactivated
  • Bug fix for Homework module accessing Archived Semesters

Other Private Beta Improvements

  • Hide “Link Children in Other Schools” tab for Group School
  • Hide inactive students from Parent Portal for Group School
  • Retain parent info for siblings are they are deactivated for Group School
  • Bug fix for maintaining teacher records for Group School

Standards-Based Gradebook History

The Gradebook History / Versioning App has been extended to include the Standards-Based Gradebook. This means that with the feature installed, you’ll see a history link at the bottom of the Gradebook:

Depending on the configuration, teachers can either see or restore the Gradebook based on a specific save point:

Alerts Module

The Alerts module which was previously in Beta is not available to all schools. Administrators can now allow users to subscribe to alerts to the various modules that we offer:

When enabled, users will opt in/out to the enabled alerts:

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