Student ID Card App

There’s a new App in the App Store! The “Student ID Card” App will allow schools to produce ID Cards for all their students in QuickSchools:

Once the App is installed, school administrators will see a new Action on the student record called “Print Student ID Card”:

When you click on “Print Student ID Card”, you’ll be able to select elements to display (similar to the “Print Profile” feature):

Here’s a sample of the Student ID card:

The app comes with one default template, which can be configured. This template will take information from your School Profile, like your school address and logo. We can customize new templates as an added service

Upcoming Improvements

Improved Configurability

In the near future, you’ll be able to relabel fields and change the colors for templates, similar to how report cards are super configurable. You’ll see this in an upcoming release.

Digital ID Card

The Student ID Cards will soon be accessible by students directly from the Home by QuickSchools App. This means that schools will no longer need to print cards. Students can just use it from their smartphones instead.

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