Quote from Brisbane Independent School

We received this awesome quote from one of our schools in Australia:

You have the most wonderful live chat customer support team. They have helped me time and again with sorting out the weird mistakes I’ve made. I just wanted to say thank you! It’s wonderful to know that when I need help, there are people who know the product inside and out who can help me.

Thank you Meli for those kind words. You can check out her school Brisbane Independent School at http://www.bis.org.au.

Talk with Us: How to Give Feedback

You know what’s awesome? A satisfactory user experience!

We all genuinely hope you love QuickSchools. If you do, you might find yourself wanting to do a testimonial, give a shout-out, or leave a review to let other potential or current customers know. In other words, you might find yourself wanting to give feedback, and you can do that. In fact, not only can you do that, but we encourage you to do that. Help us build a better QuickSchools!

Here’s how you can give feedback…

Contact us via chat, phone, email, or the Contact Us form. Send us your comments and ideas! We want to know what you think, so send it all in.

Provide a quote that we can use for marketing or advertising. We’ll need to know your name, school name, and have express email permission to use the quote. Quotes are fantastic for us to have, and for other users to have on hand when making decisions.

Schedule an interview via Google Hangouts. We’ll need you to make sure that you have a microphone, camera, and (preferably fast) Internet, and that we have permission to use the footage. Then, we’ll ask you a series of questions and will use your responses on our site. These interview testimonials are really awesome! They’re fun to do and provide us with so much helpful info.

Use social media to spread the word or contact us. Did you know we have a Facebook page? It’s true! We post regularly and likes, comments, and shares go a long way. Of course, if you’d like you’re more than welcome to even rate us or post on our wall.

That’s about all! If you have any questions, just let us know. As always, we’ll be here.

QuickSchools Testimonial from ZMS The Academy

It’s been a while since our last blog post. We have some very exciting new features in the works for QuickSchools which we’ll announce very soon. But in the meantime, we are very proud to share a recent unsolicited testimonial from a barbering school in California. Thanks to Judy Caspe for your kind words:

I own a Barbering school in Los Angeles California and was searching in vain for a reasonable program to track my students. As a Federally Funded school, I have many requirements and Quickschools has it all for me. 23 days into the free trial and I am hooked. The live chat support is absolutely phenomenal and so efficient. A real blessing for any vocational school like myself. Fully customized to your school !
Judy Caspe
ZMS The Academy

“Our barbers cut through hairy situations”

Please feel free to share your comments below, or come chat with us online. We’d love to get you started with a free QuickSchools trial.

QuickSchools Testimonial from English Language Center OK

We were pleasantly surprised by an unsolicited testimonial that was emailed to us just earlier today from the English Language Center in Oklahoma. This really made our day for our Live Chat Support Team at QuickSchools. We just thought we’d share it here with you:

QuickSchools is more than helpful…more like transformative. Our school had reverted to administrating from a series of spreadsheets. The spreadsheets actually came AFTER having tried a couple of mainstream, highly marketed school management systems. The other systems proved to be expensive to purchase, time consuming to use and expensive to maintain. In the end, they proved inadequate for smaller schools like ours. They cost us more in time and money than they helped.

With QuickSchools being cloud based, we were able to implement and start using it immediately. They have great online and real time support via a convenient chat box on each screen. Their customer service is second to none. They also have recorded videos for setting up and using each of the modules. QuickSchools also maintains our data and backups. We were up and running within a few days.

Our administrative staff and teachers love using QuickSchools because it has made their jobs so much easier and less stressful. Our focus now is on our students, our staff, and growing and improving our school. Since implementing QuickSchools we have been able to increase our student enrollment by 40% with no additional administrative personnel! That one fact alone is enough for us.

Charles Watts
English Language Center

Thanks Charles for those kind words.

Fireside Chat with Principal Greg Betti of Stamford Elementary School

Last week, we began interviewing our current customers via video chat on Google Hangout. This is the first of what we hope will be a great many customer stories – “fireside chats” is what we’re calling them – that we share with you!

Greg Betti is the Principal of Stamford Elementary School, which has an enrollment of approximately 65 students grades K-8.  Stamford has been using QuickSchools since September 2013.

Last summer, Principal Betti’s administration was looking to upgrade Stamford’s Gradebook and recordkeeping processes to “join the technology age.”  But they were facing exorbitant costs and could not find something that their teachers could learn quickly.

“It was hard.  Our teachers were nervous and we needed something in place before the school year started.  We decided to try QuickSchools because it seemed like it would be easier to set up and then we could go from there.”

Principal Betti highlighted the QuickSchools help chat box and noted that he and his teachers were able to get their questions answered quickly and were up and running with the program in two weeks.  He told us that QuickSchools was easy to roll out and that he has consistently been able to get high quality service.  Hear from Principal Betti directly about his experience with QuickSchools:

Part of the selling point for Principal Betti was the QuickSchools Report Card feature.  The Stamford school board wanted differentiated report cards for the upper grades versus the lower grades.  QuickSchools worked directly with the school to design a customized report card for the upper grades.   Hear from Principal Betti directly about report card customization with QuickSchools:

Principal Betti also told us about increased levels of satisfaction among teachers and parents with QuickSchools; he noted that both constituencies have achieved high levels of comfort with the product in a short period of time.  Hear from Principal Betti directly about parent involvement since the implementation of QuickSchools:

Finally, Betti stated that he expects to continue growing and partnering with QuickSchools:

“We are slowly expanding our use of QuickSchools without being forced to; we’re just using it more and more.  Our comfort level is not going down; it’s going up.  We expand because we’re comfortable and that’s a win-win situation for our small school.”

Special thanks to Principal Betti and other participants in our fireside chat program.  We look forward to sharing another story with you soon!