ACH Payment – Easy Online Payment for Schools

easy online payment for schools

QuickSchools is always looking for ways to make our student information system easy, robust, and effective not only for school administrators and faculty but also for students and parents alike. We understand that for a school, keeping the accounting books constantly updated and in top shape is extremely important.

Learn how QuickSchools can create easy templates that schools can use for regular invoicing to parents

Whilst tracking fees seems to be a straightforward task to people outside of a school, we know that it’s definitely not. Trying to keep track of various fee structures for different grades, discounted fees for siblings, payment plans, and scholarships, all of these permutations can truly be overwhelming.

The Benefits of Online Payments for Schools

What we have seen in recent times is the increased use of online payments. This has helped both schools and families to manage all these different bills more effectively. The use of credit card payments via Stripe and PayPal has been hugely successful and extremely convenient. However, it does come with a cost, amounting to a processing fee of 3 – 4%.

But we have great news! Now there is another way parents will be able to pay fees with a lower processing fee – ACH payment, and you can try this payment method with the QuickSchools SIS!  

What is ACH Payment?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and it is a computer-based electronic network to process electronic payments and transfers. It is a great way to transfer money from one bank account to another without having to use wire transfers, credit cards, paper checks, or cash. 

Why ACH payments can help schools

ACH payments has many wonderful advantages. One of the main advantages of this form of payment for schools is that you can save more! Only a 1% flat fee is charged to deliver this convenient function for you. If you are already using the QuickSchools SIS, simply configure the ‘School Fees Tracking’ app. Just switch to this form of payment for the parents. Easily save valuable funds whilst offering the parents a better customer experience by making the payment by the Parent Portal via their computer or their mobile phone. 

These easy online payments for parents are not just for school fees. They can also be for items such as book fees, lunch payments, trips, or extra curriculum fees. This allows the school, parent, and student to be able to track school fees effortlessly and transparently. This is especially useful for new student registrations as your school will be able to accept registration fees extremely fast. 

ACH payment is even easier for the school as you can save time going to the bank. Easy setup with your bank can all be done online and securely to setting up your bank account

If you need any help setting up the ACH payment in your QuickSchools account, you can always reach out to our support team via LiveChat. We are always happy to help!

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