All you need to know about student information systems (SIS)

Keeping a school managed well and in order is a huge ordeal with a lot of responsibilities. Being a part of the school, you need to ensure that the school runs smoothly and efficiently. This includes all sorts of tasks, such as admission, enrollment, academic records, medical records, lunch records, facilities collaboration, report cards; honestly the list is endless. How does a school keep this all organized in the modern era? With a student information system of course!

Also known as SIS. When implemented correctly, it becomes the heart of the school’s system. Organizing all the data management the school has digitally and ultimately making things easy to manage. This is amazing? How? You ask. Keep on reading!  

What is a student information system?

First of all, let us help you to understand just what a Student Information System (SIS) is. Also known as School Management System (SMS), SIS is a web-based software. It is designed to make the school’s system, and life, much easier. The main focus is mostly on record keeping. This includes easily adding in new students during enrollment, maintaining the academic records such as test results and attendance, together with the medical records you have of both the students and the teachers, aiding schools in collecting the tuition fees and payments. One needs to have a system that is not just easily accessed by the faculty but also students and parents. These are only a few examples of how an information system works for a school.  

Any records that need to be kept digitally in an organized and secure manner; this is what the system is for. It can also be categorized into a Student Information Management System (SIMS) or Student Records System (SRS), but do note that it is different from a Learning Management System (LMS).  

Arranging all the important information that helps to aid every person at your school correctly is essential for every school. Whether you are a private school, public school, or specialize in higher education. Having a modern-day k-12 student information system is a must-have. It will not only aid your school, but be technology that is easy to teach everyone and is flexible. It needs to be innovative to suit your school’s needs whilst supporting your students and your faculty.  

Since a SIS allows the school to make a lot of data entry all in one place, this then helps the school to keep track of the progress and performance of everyone.  

Who does the student information system help?  

The student information system software is purely created as a solution for schools. It gets their administrative tasks all done in one place. Log in wherever you are and support the faculty, staff, and students. Through integration and a simplified work process, the SIS can also help parents to be more connected to the school on following their children’s progress. Everything is well organized and stored securely yet easily whenever the information needs to be accessed.  

This showcases that there are many different groups of people that a student information system can help in school management. QuickSchools wants to understand what every group’s needs are and how we can fix them with our cloud-based SIS.  

School Administrators and Superintendents

For a school administrator, maybe you have been wanting to get all the school data onto a more modern platform but have no idea where to start. Perhaps your current system hasn’t been working the way you hoped it would be. You could also be someone who is just starting to open a new school but it has been a little daunting trying to tick off that checklist.  

At QuickSchools, by being the world’s first and fully online school management software, we understand completely what your needs are. What type of software that will help. We offer SIS apps such as academic interventions, gradebook dashboard, report creator, after school activity tracker, printing out student ID cards, outside student community service, and of course tracking all the necessary health information of your students, including their temperature recorded.

Bills and payments are easily done and taken care of all in one system.  

One of the first features you will notice when signing up for QuickSchools is the Teachers’ Lounge. This will enable you to ask for any important feedback you may need, or update your faculty. This is the best way to keep your staff and faculty up to date in real-time without messages get lost. Having to be able to keep teacher information safe yet easily accessible can save you more time in your day. 

As the school administrator, you will also be fully in charge of who has access to what kind of information, making sure to protect the privacy of not just your staff, but also your students. With all the many student information systems features QuickSchools have, we guarantee that we will help your school to run perfectly. 

Principals and school leaders

Being a principal, we understand that you are in charge of very important aspects of the school running smoothly. This is including solving issues such as making sure report card taking and scheduling classes takes as little time as possible, having reliable technology that is easy to teach the teachers, and ensuring that the school budget is spent wisely, especially when it comes to purchasing a SIS system that is not just within the budget but also works well.  

QuickSchools offers slick and automated features such as the scheduler that expertly distributes classes into available time slots and can save valuable time. The software is extremely easy to use that you can apply it right away without any training needed. Do not worry if your teachers need training as our SIS help and support center are here for you 24/7 and we will help to provide SIS training to anyone who needs it at your school. Our team also offers free online webinars to our subscribers who would like to learn some tips and tricks on different features we have to offer. These usually take place once a month and we make sure our subscribers know when they are happening!  

As the school leader, QuickSchools has also created a Parent Portal, whereby you can send out instant messages to all the parents. This helps in keeping them updated on important news instantly whilst also forming a deeper connection with them.  

With these features and support, the QuickSchools SIS will also help to empower your staff to become more efficient online whilst allowing reporting of grades, attendance, and performance to be more accurate. Everything is streamlined, which is extremely important in these evolving times.


In today’s world, a high percentage of teachers feel that technology is extremely needed to engage with parents. We should be including everyone to help with the child’s performance. This is why it is important that a SIS keeps teachers connected to both the students and parents. Any record that a teacher inputs and gives access to the parent, they can access instantly, including extra comments that can be also noted with each grade given.

Sometimes a student’s final marks may not be as high as they would have wanted but we cannot deny the effort they have put in. As teachers, we know that grades are not everything and we also monitor the effort, behavior, and drive each student has. This also helps teachers and parents to understand the child better and their performance level. Having this instant connection with parents and students is an extremely important aspect that every school needs to have.  

One main value that QuickSchools aims for is to ensure that tasks such as attendance taking, grading, and report cards can be done fast and efficiently, leading teachers to have more time for the most important aspect of their job, teaching.

A student information system to help busy teachers

a student information system for teachers

Focusing on your lesson plans and ways to engage with your students is important. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to do so. Saving you time helps the students to flourish. 

One of the best features our gradebook has is that calculations are done automatically. All teachers have to do is input the grades students get for assignments, quizzes, or test results, and QuickSchools gradebook automatically calculates the final grade for you. Teachers then save hours from this instant calculation instead of having to calculate it manually.  

QuickSchools has also created apps, such as the subject-based lesson plans and Montessori assessment, as well as integrating with third-party apps that have become extremely important in virtual education, such as Google Classroom and Schoology. Everything you need, in one place, accessible on any device, allowing you to be the best teacher you can be. 


For any school, it is important to be able to have the parents and guardians involved in their child’s learning as much as possible. After all, it takes a village to help raise a child. With a supportive SIS, as a school, you can decide what information parents can access through the QuickSchools Parent Portals.

This can include attendance, academic progress, behavior, and a synced medical record. The most important is that it allows easier communication between the teachers and parents. Communication is key when it comes to your children and understanding more about how you can help as a parent will help your child’s academic journey. 


The first day of school, especially a new school, is extremely daunting to any student. Having to know what classes you have for that day and who the teacher is can be overwhelming. However, with the help of the school providing a student information system, knowing your class schedule is easily accessible. The best part? It can be accessed all on the QuickSchools app right to your phone.  

QuickSchools SIS also allows students to easily get their grades and assessment marks in real-time, seeing just how well you did, your progress to getting a good final grade, and if there is room for improvement.

How does a student information system work? 

One of the most important elements that any SIS needs to have is that all the data stored in the system is secure, especially when the topic of cybersecurity is on the rise. Schools need to be sure that all the data stored in the system can’t be accessed by anyone or leaked. This is also why using a cloud-based platform such as QuickSchools helps to add more security to the data as well.  

The QuickSchools infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which allows QuickSchools to gain many of the security features provided by AWS. No matter how our customer base keeps increasing or even how big your school gets. Being primarily a technology company, we not only have the expertise but also spend a lot more resources on security than schools normally can.

An example is employing standard encryption protocols that are also the same that banks use. Passwords are all encrypted and we continuously monitor for any external attacks. QuickSchools is always expanding security features and will always update you as well.  Since QuickSchools SIS is cloud-based, not only is the system secure but it can be accessed by any platform. Whether you are working on a desktop, laptop, Mac, tablet, or yes even your mobile phone, you can log into QuickSchools. For your mobile phone, we have even created our very own App for the school faculty and the parents for both the Apple Store and Google Play

What main features do QuickSchools have and how do they work?

The QuickSchools student information system is the main database and is fully integrated with every feature we have to offer. Being at the center view for the school administrators and the teachers helps them to find the information they need quickly, especially if it is about a certain student. This is extremely useful when you have situations whereby a parent suddenly turns up to the school. All the data you need of their child is ready and waiting right at your fingertips.

QuickSchools for scheduling

Scheduling has never been this easy! With many teachers and students to handle. you need to ensure that no conflict happens. Creating a schedule on QuickSchools is simply adding the subject that will be taught to that particular grade and letting our system automatically distribute the classes into available time slots.  

QuickSchools has also launched a master scheduler, Orchestra. Fully integrated with the main SIS, use Orchestra to pre-enroll students into courses by bulk creating course requests. Use our Student Portal and allow students to submit course requests online. Orchestra works just like the normal scheduler but is also able to handle course requests now. It truly is a Master Scheduler builder that is also free of conflicts for both your students and teachers. 

QuickSchools for gradebooks

Having the gradebook allows teachers to create grading scales and custom formulas for QuickSchools to automatically calculate the final grade for each student. This can include the weight of assignments, quizzes, tests, and any other exercises you will be giving to your students. Being able to print out progress reports and report cards has never been easier. This information of each student is automatically sent to the Parent Portal. Parents can get an update on the child’s progress immediately. 

QuickSchools for transcripts  

A student’s transcript is one of the most important information that they will need with them, especially if they are moving onto a new school or graduating. With QuickSchools, you can both save time, and also customize the transcript to make it unique for your school. All the courses and grades the student has done are automatically in the system and ready for you to print. You can easily customize which information you need to add to the transcript as well. 

QuickSchools online admissions system 

We understand how difficult it can be when a new student comes to your school, and enrolling them the old-school way would have taken time and a lot of paperwork. This is where being online truly helps. The QuickSchools admissions feature takes out the hassle of enrolling new students with a few clicks. Simply click on the ‘Add New Student’ button and fill in the blanks. You can even add which subjects they have enrolled into. This allows for their schedule to be automatically synced with the current semester schedule you already have for your teachers. Easily manage all this important information in one place. 

QuickSchools online school fees payment 

Being able to have a fully integrated system just like QuickSchools allows the school to create bills and payments easily for the parents. This administrative process can be automated leaving you with more time and is money saving. With QuickSchools school fee management system, we help you to have a simpler way of charging school fees, managing payments, printing and saving receipts, delivering payment notices online, and even allowing parents to pay online. The information is stored in student files, which parents can also access via the Parents Portal. Having a centralized and online system like this also helps to reduce any billings errors that could have occurred if done manually. 

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Other important features every SIS should have 

The QuickSchools SIS is much more than a database that is storing information on students. Our system helps in creating reports on any of the information that you and your team have input. This can be customized and printed exactly how you or your staff needs it.  

QuickSchools understands just how different and unique every school is. Not every feature is not as important as it would be to another school. You can customize the features that only you need. The best part? They are also trial based so you won’t be charged with these features until you know you need them. No more having to pay for all these features your school didn’t need. Only pay for the important ones and customize QuickSchools to your needs instead.  

When it comes to any online software, there must be a team that is on standby to help with any questions or difficulties you may have. At QuickSchools, our support team and customer service are always online to help you. You can contact us either via email or through our LiveChat. Do also keep an eye out for our announcements on the webinars we host every month. You will get these notifications in your Teachers’ Lounge.  

The school environment is ever-changing, especially after the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Schools need a student information system that is both easy to use and safe.   

Excited about getting a better school management system?

Try the QuickSchools software and all the features we offer entirely for free!  

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