Google Classroom Integration

After several months of work, we now have a working (LMS) integration app with Google Classroom. This is currently still an early Beta version, but the app is able to pull data from Google Classroom to your QuickSchools Gradebook.

Google Classroom with QuickSchools
Google Classroom Integration (Beta) App

Some things to note about this app (as it currently works):

  • The app cannot EXPORT the roster. App assumes that you have already created student, teachers and courses in Google Classroom.
  • However, once students, teachers and courses and mapped, when Synchronizing the Gradebook, the roster will be pulled into QuickSchools. This means that if a student gets enrolled into a course, you can invite the student in Google Classroom, and the student will be automatically enrolled into the mapped subject in QuickSchools when the Gradebooks are synchronized.
  • Currently, the app does not support mapping of Mark Categories from Google Classroom. The API is not yet available, but when it does, we will be mapping and pulling this data as well.
  • The app assumes a SINGLE Google Classroom account for the entire school. This means that teachers cannot use their own Google Account to map data. But with a single school-wide Google Classroom account, you can still map individual courses to specific teachers.

Improvements for the future:

  • We are investigating the possibility of exporting subjects to Google Classroom.
  • We would like to also export Students and Teachers, but this will require integration to Google Apps for Education (GAFE) which is an entire different framework, which we’re keen to work on some time in the future.
  • As mentioned above, we will support mapping of Mark Categories when the API becomes available.

Since this app is still in private BETA, access is only available by request. The process of getting an API Key from Google Classroom is rather involved, and is available here:

If you need help setting up the API Key from Google Classroom, please contact our support team to arrange for an online meeting. Use of this app is as-is only, and please send us your feedback so that we can improve the app further.

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