Mini Release – Oct 18, 2021

Although we had a release last week, today’s release is to consolidate framework changes we’ve been making on our new Orchestra Master Scheduler. We also took this opportunity to piggy back some minor improvements.

Master Scheduler Step 5 now has expanded headers for Academic Term and Day

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Weekly Schedule now supports Scheduling Algorithms
  • Reinstate support for Optimize to Weekly Schedule
  • Fix Distribution Algorithm across all periods for Weekly Schedule
  • Show Semester and Days in Step 5
  • Bug fix when importing Course Requests without Teacher ID

Other Improvements

  • New ability to minimize the Top Menu
  • New screen for Unallocated Payments (Beta)
  • Fix mass update number of periods in Attendance Settings
  • Bug Fix for new Default Configuration for Section Attendance (Beta)

Minimize Top Menu

We’ve added a little icon to the top right of the screen to allow you to hide/minimize the Top Menu:

New icon to Hide/Minimize the Top Menu

Once hidden, you can click on the same icon to maximize the menu:

Maximize/Unhide the Top Menu

Please let us know what you think about this feature. We’re looking to improve this experience further.

Unallocated Payments

We’re putting together a new “Unallocated Payments” screen for the Fee Tracking module. This is still an early version, which we’ll refine over time. 

New screen to view Unallocated Payments in the Fee Tracking module

This screen is intended to allow administrators to quickly identify payments that have not been fully allocated. From this screen, users can quickly allocate payments to any unpaid charges/invoices.

NOTE: This feature is in Private Beta, and is only available upon request. Please contact our support team to enable this. This feature will be released to all schools later this year.

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