The Best Online Report Card System Every School Needs  

A report card is one of the most important documents that students will receive every year. Yet every report card season, though exciting, can be a very time-consuming and difficult period, especially for teachers. Manually entering all the results from different assignments, quizzes, and tests for every single student doesn’t just take time due to having to remember information or trying to recall forgotten scores, or having to go through the endless amount of paper, but is also prone to errors being made even though a calculator is being used. This then leads to rushing to get report cards done by the due date, and most likely a lot of overtime done.   

No wonder report card season is so stressful and teachers are under a lot of pressure! Whilst the end of report card season is rewarding, especially for the students, school administrators need to find ways to help the teachers during this taxing time.  

Not to worry, as QuickSchools is here to help! We have 9 reasons why signing up with QuickSchools will provide you with the best report card system you have ever had!  

1. Cloud-Based System   

The QuickSchools student management system is a fully cloud-based system, whereby all you need is the internet and your login information. You will be able to access the system through the browser of your choice, whether it is through Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, and using any device that you choose; your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.  

One of the advantages of having your system on the cloud is not having to worry about tech glitches. All your information is always saved and if you need to stop and go for a break, you can always come back to continue your work or even edit the information at a later time. It is also common knowledge that during report card season, systems tend to be overloaded and slow down, which leads to a lot of frustrations. The great thing about being cloud-based is that your teachers won’t have to worry about this anymore. Another benefit of having the information in the cloud is QuickSchools ensures that your information is secure and it is easy to be able to find all the information you need clearly in one place. Gone are the days where you have to go through tons of paper just to recall important information that you are unable to remember instantly. 

2. Maintaining the Report Card System

Usually having any type of system software would require maintenance to be done in order to still be up-to-date and working at its best. With QuickSchools, you do not have to worry about maintenance at all. Our QuickSchools school management system (SMS) doesn’t require any software to be installed and any upgrades our team does perform are all automatically done for you. It won’t be like a Windows update where you have to keep restarting your computer. QuickSchools makes sure our system is not only easy but convenient for everyone on your team to use.  This will always guarantee that your school is working with the latest version with all the improvements. 

QuickSchools also ensures that your information is continuously backed up. Your school faculty will never have to worry about important details suddenly lost as the QuickSchools system does all the backup you ever need and you don’t need to worry about it!

3. Affordable Report Cards System that saves time

Report Card Season is known for being incredibly time-consuming for all the school faculty. That has now all changed. With QuickSchools, all the grades that have been recorded throughout the year for every student is instantly calculated into the report card. With a simple formula that showcases the breakdown of how the final grade is calculated, QuickSchools automatically does the calculations. No more time spent hovering over the calculator whilst you manually calculate the final score. Let QuickSchools do the hard work for you, whilst saving you a lot of time.  

And of course, when you save time, you save money too!   One of the best ways for schools to save money with QuickSchools is that you can choose exactly which feature your school needs and the report card feature is not part of a bundle that would have usually cost more for buying features you don’t need. You just need to purchase what you need and for the size of your school and the report card feature will still work exactly the same. Now you can say goodbye to high costs for items you weren’t even going to use.

4. Interactive Report Card Database

With the QuickSchools easy report card system for schools, our team has created an interactive database that includes all the important information needed in any report card. This includes the student information, attendance, grades, and any information you want to be listed is automatically there. All this information is updated continuously as it is linked with the Learning Management System (LMS) and ready to be produced into a full report card when the time comes. Just a simple click of the button and your report card is ready and good to go!

Combining the customization the school has chosen for the school report card template, this interactive database can autocomplete the student report cards instantly. Another great way of also saving a lot of time.  

Having all the data entry added in throughout the year also enables the report card to be fully transparent. The school faculty can choose to display the final grade calculation. This allows the parents and their children to see how they got their final grade and if there was a particular area that perhaps brought down their grade, allowing the report cards to have full transparency and can be easily understood by all parties involved. 

5. Easy Report Card Interface

When any school administrator or superintendent is looking for a k-12 report card system, they need a system that is not just cost-saving, but also flexible and easy to use, especially for teachers. This is extremely important as having to keep training teachers on how to use different systems is not only time-consuming but can be extremely confusing as well.  

QuickSchools has made sure that our report card feature is uncomplicated for teachers to use with a simple interface. Throughout the school year, teachers are constantly updating the gradebook to monitor their students’ progress. Once the report card season arrives, everything is already ready to be finalized and approved to be shown online.  

6. Specific Report Card Criteria  

QuickSchools understands that schools will need to have specific criteria that are shown on the report cards, especially when it comes to subject-specific criteria. Enabling this is truly simple and just needs to be enabled in your system.  

Once this is enabled, it is straightforward to create a template and add in the fields or information you would like to be shown in the report card. This also helps the faculty to create a report card if there were no Gradebook entries that were made throughout the year.  

This flexibility helps schools to truly customize their report cards to the exact format they need. QuickSchools understand that no school is the same and our report card features can be as specific as you need them to be. 

7. Customizable Report Card Templates

This leads us to a very important point, customizing the report card templates. QuickSchools allows schools to tailor and customize the report card to look exactly how they would like it to be designed and also choose the specific information the report card will contain. You can tailor the report card to custom classes, grade scales, attendance, behavior, and even teachers’ comments. Add in your school logo or any custom graphic you wish to be used to design your report card the way you want it.  

Our extensive library of templates also allows schools to handle different types of report cards, such as weekly or monthly progress reports, semester-based report cards, or report cards that need Narratives or Admin Columns.  

Don’t be shy if you need assistance from our team to help create your school’s perfect report card template. Our team is always ready and willing to help!

8. Instantly Available Report Cards

Once the teacher or school administrator allows the report cards to be approved and online, a PDF version is then sent to the Parent Portal and they can automatically view it. If parents have downloaded the app, they can even view it on their mobile phones wherever they are. This allows the parents to easily stay involved in their child’s education and monitor their progress and areas in where their child may need help with. Both the parents and students don’t have to wait anxiously for the mail to arrive anymore.  

Through our student portal, students are also able to get their report cards right away. Gone are the days where students would hide their report cards from their parents, though we are sure our students don’t do this. Now everything is not just online but also instant.  

An important note to make is that even though our system is online, QuickSchools also offers you the option of printing out the report cards, if needed, and mailing them to parents. With our intuitive interface, you can see exactly how the report card is printed before you print. This helps any of the school faculty to make changes (and might we add, another way to save paper too). This can allow the parents to have a physical copy of the official records or aid those parents that aren’t able to access the information online.  

9. A Report Card system that constantly evolves

Since the beginning of QuickSchools, the report card feature has truly been a labor of love for over 10 years. Before we even started, the team spoke and surveyed a vast number of people in the education industry, particularly teachers. Due to the education management system that was only available to them, it was truly out of date and needed a full revamp! This is how QuickSchools came about and our mission was to bring a modern cloud technology software that would continuously be up-to-date in years to come and with this, allow fantastic software that usually only the Fortune 500 firms had available for the education industry.

With this mission in mind, our team is constantly upgrading, making this the perfect system any school needs. All the reviews and suggestions we have had from our wonderful schools that have put their trust in our software have allowed us to keep evolving only for the better. Being able to allow schools the flexibility to easily create their report cards in an instant is all because of our remarkable subscribers. We always have our support team available if you have any ideas, or need help with our extensive library of templates, or even if you would like us to build a new template for you.  

QuickSchools is an online student information system that offers everything a school will need and have up-to-date features, no matter if you are a small, medium, or large school. Our SIS will not only help to keep your school organized but allow parents to become more involved with their child’s education. Not forgetting that our report card features can save your teachers a tremendous amount of time and energy, letting them focus on the students instead and seeing the progress they make. Report card season can finally be an exciting time for teachers too! 

Along with our transcripts, attendance, scheduling, and many other features, QuickSchools is a must-try! 

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