Engaging Parents (for Teachers)

There are various modules and features within QuickSchools that allow teachers to share information with parents who have access to the Parent Portal. Here we discuss a few of those features:


In additional to sharing all gradebook information with parents, teachers can also add public comments on individual assignments, that will then be shared with parents.

QuickSchools Gradebook
QuickSchools Gradebook

Class Discussions

Class Discussions allow teachers to interact with parents (and students) for a specific class via a chat-like timeline, including sharing pictures and files. There are various scenarios that can take advantage of this feature. You can even use it to send emails to parents (instead of using the Parent Messaging feature).

Class Discussions Emails
Class Discussions Emails

Private Messaging

If the Teacher Directory is enable for the Parent Portal, teachers can communicate one-to-one with parents, without ever having to leave the Teacher Portal. All communications can be kept centralized in one place. Private Messages include email notifications, so you don’t have to be logged in to receive messages. In some cases, Private Messaging is a great alternative to Mass Parent Messaging.


Other Modules

There are several other modules that share information with parent, with little additional effort from teachers. These include modules like Attendance, Discipline, Homework, Lesson Plans and Schedule.

Several apps from our App Store also have Parent Portal components, like Lunch Ordering, and the Merit App. Please reach out to your school administrators, if you’d like to see better engagement with parents via these new apps.

My Apps on QuickSchools App Store
My Apps on QuickSchools App Store

Finally, we’ll have a separate article for Administrators to Engage Parents. These will primarily involve more administrative modules like Fee Tracking, Parent Messaging, Online Forms, and more.

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