Cloud-Based vs On-Premise Student Information System (SIS)

Cloud-based and on-premises student information systems (SIS) both serve the same purpose. They ensure smooth operations for your school by managing, tracking, and creating reports from student data and other school information to maintain efficiency. The main difference is how and where these systems are hosted and how well they work for your specific needs.

On-Premise SIS

Schools using an on-premises solution operate their own cloud computing infrastructure. With an on-premise system, they have direct control over their data which helps ensure security and compliance. Their IT teams will possess full control of upgrades and maintenance. However, the initial investment needed to fund starting up an on-premises solution is huge. This includes the costs of maintaining the hardware, hiring additional staff, managing software upgrades, and licensing requirements. This isn’t shocking as choosing this option generally means schools are “building” their own systems from scratch. 

Cloud-based SIS

Unlike on-premise SIS, cloud-based SIS only requires schools to migrate their school and student data onto the readily available software to get the school up and running. The plus points of opting for a cloud-based system are that they are highly flexible and scalable depending on the school’s specific needs. 

Cloud resources, such as storage and servers, are owned and operated by third-party cloud service providers which saves schools the headache of sorting these out themselves. Examples of public cloud providers include Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Schools only need a secure internet connection to import data and get the system running. 

Benefits of a Cloud-Based SIS vs On-Premise SIS

1. Instant Access, anytime anywhere.

With an on-premises SIS, teachers and administrators can only access the school’s system on school grounds. This means that no work can be done when they are not physically in school. Although this sounds like great a great boundary, not having to do work outside of working hours, but having access to the school’s system at any time, anywhere would come in handy in certain circumstances. Adopting a cloud-based SIS allows students and teachers to retrieve data and other important information at their own convenience without having to wait until they are in school. This could help improve efficiency and productivity.

2. Built-in updates

Investing in an on-premises system is like buying a product, which means schools would have to update and maintain the system on their own. With an on-premises SIS, the school’s system is only updated when their IT staff manually installs a new version of the program. Different from subscribing to a cloud-based SIS, schools are signing up for software as a service and not just buying a one-time product.  The best cloud-based services have people constantly working behind the scenes to make their software better, which includes updating their programs to fix issues no matter how minute or major and improving the system’s functionality

3. Tech support

Cloud servers are managed by third parties, thus reducing the responsibilities of IT staff when it comes to implementation and software patches or updates. In fact, there is no need of hiring additional staff to maintain the school’s system. Everything is taken care of after subscribing to a cloud-based SIS. 

4. Lower starting cost

Schools can subscribe to readily available cloud-based student information systems services every month. When scaling up or down, schools have the option to adjust the services to their budget. Depending on the school’s needs, some services can be added or left out of the plan. Costs to hire maintenance staff can also be cut by opting for cloud-based services. 

Beyond the pros and cons of the cloud-based infrastructure, it all depends on the school’s tailored needs. It is important to distinguish how both of these mediums operate differently and what would be best for your school. 

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