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We wrote an article 3 years ago to address some of the concerns with using an online service like QuickSchools. Although many of the responses are still relevant, we wanted to expand a little bit on the section regarding our security features.

Our QuickSchools infrastructure has matured tremendously since we officially launched in 2009. We are now hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Virginia. This means that in addition to the cloud-based infrastructure that allows us to scale and meet the growing demand of our customer base, we also get to piggy back on many of the security features provided by AWS. This includes network, hardware, software and on premise security. We have some details here:  http://aws.amazon.com/security/

Since we are primarily a technology company, we have the expertise and can spend more resources (than your typical school) on the security of your data. We employ standard encryption protocols (like SSL), which is what most banks use. All passwords are encrypted, even in the database (we don’t know what your passwords are, so please don’t share them with anybody). And we continuously monitor for external attacks.

Another point of concern is always the sharing data. And rest assured your data will not be shared with others without your prior consent. Development of core features is done in-house by QuickSchools-employed engineers. And we only access your account when trouble-shooting or responding to support requests.

The only part of the software that would potentially allow sharing of data externally is via our App Store, especially to facilitate integration with external applications, like Schoology and Canvas. These apps are optional. But typically, these third parties would not share your data anyway. Some of the apps are also built in-house as extensions of our core features.

If you have specific concerns about our security, please feel free to contact our technical support via chat or email.

Original Article: http://blog.quickschools.com/2012/01/19/why-worry/

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