How does an SIS help increase parental involvement in schools?

student information system can help parental involvements at schools

Parents’ participation and involvement play a huge role in student success. It can lead to positive outcomes for both the school and its students. In this article, we will discuss how a School Information System can help increase parental involvement and participation in schools.

There are various ways parents can be more involved and engaged in schools. From volunteering in classrooms, attending school events, and regularly communicating with teachers, to actively participating in their children’s academic progress.

Benefits of increased parent involvement and participation

Adopting a student information system that increases parent involvement and participation can do wonders for the school and positively impact student performance. Additionally, schools can also improve communication between the school and parents. Schools can easily build partnerships with parents with the help of an integrated SIS. This way, we can develop and allow mutual responsibility for student success. 

When parental involvement is increased, parents’ efforts to support schools are encouraged. Hence, resulting in a more successful educational system.

what are the benefits of having parents more involved at the schools

How to increase parental involvement in school?

1. Allowing parents to have easy access to student progress. 

The first step to increase parental involvement is by allowing parents to easily monitor their child’s grades and performance in class. They can also keep an eye out for assignments or homework to ensure that their children are doing their schoolwork. 

Choosing to digitalize your school administration can help with this. For instance, with an SIS like QuickSchools, parents can easily stay up-to-date via the parent portal. After logging in, they can immediately see recently posted homework assignments from the main Student Updates board that appears on the QuickSchools Home page.

Parent portal to keep up with student updates
Parent Portal for desktop

2. Keeping parents updated with the latest news in school.

Parents are more likely to participate in school activities with access to the latest news and information. They should be given sufficient notice about events or activities. This can allow them to clear out their schedules to be able to attend. Furthermore, parents will no longer have to rely on their young children to bring home the news. This can avoid scenarios where students forget to tell their parents about school activities that will be held.

This can be solved by utilizing the Parent Message Board. Teachers can post messages to parents that appear when they log into their accounts. They can include files and photos in the messages too! 

quickschools parental portal app for mobile
Parent Portal using the QuickSchools app

The best part about QuickSchools is that you never have to worry about having trouble navigating the system. We were designed to be user-friendly. We also have video tutorial guides for parents getting started. Nevertheless, feel free to reach out to our live support team at any time of the day to help you with any concerns you may have. We are delighted to be at your service!

3. Student schedules sent out early can help improve communication

Early communication of upcoming semester schedules can help parents to prepare for their children’s academic and extracurricular activities. Timely and effective communication of schedules can help reduce the stress. Furthermore, it can also provide a more positive experience not just for parents and students, but for schools as well.

improving communications between teachers and parents

QuickSchools is equipped with a built-in simple interactive scheduler to help you get started with your school timetable. Despite the consuming hours, we understand how everyday scheduling problems might cause the master schedule to not get done on time. Orchestra helps you build more complex schedules in half the time. Aditionally, teachers can also effortlessly send out the schedules immediately. Thus ensuring early communication with parents. 

If you’re looking for a School Information System that increases parent involvement, look no further! Get onboard QuickSchools today.  

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