New Release – Nov 1, 2021

In this release, we made some improvements to the overall usability of the QuickSchools application (see “UI (User Flow) Improvements” below). We’ll be making more of these improvements in upcoming Sprints, in addition to our usual feature improvements, security updates and bug fixes.

Report Card Likert now supports check marks

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Support Copying Frequency when importing settings from previous enrollment period
  • Hide the “Activate” button for non-SIS configuration
  • Optimize Step 4 “Clean-Up” function
  • Improve Summary Report support for Bell Schedule for multiple Enrollment Periods

UI (User Flow) Improvements

  • New icon to minimize the top menu
  • New Bulk Action icons for tables
  • Sortable indicator when mousing over table header
  • Ability to crop images when uploading student profile images

General (Functional) Improvements

  • Add support for Categories to Fee Tracking Invoices – (See below)
  • Support check marks when using Likert in Report Cards (Image above)
  • Re-label Attendance Sub-menus
  • Improve payment flow from Student/Parent Portal
  • Improve performance when bulk sync transactions with Stripe
  • Zoom Security Enhancements
  • Miscellaneous security improvements to internal log files
  • Mobile API Support for Student Message Board and Parent Message Board

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fix homeroom name when taking attendance by alternate homeroom teacher
  • Fix Billing Address on Account page
  • Bug Fix delete student with duplicate course requests
  • Bug Fix Add/Edit Sections
  • Bug Fix login via active session
  • Bug Fix sorting of grade levels in Attendance Settings
  • Bug Fix exclude students dropped by sections in Mass Messaging
  • Bug Fix graphing for Report Creator

Private Beta Improvements

  • Expanded access for students and parents to access Student Documents
  • Override Start/End Dates for Attendance by Grade Level
  • Bug Fix display correct Unallocated Amount in new Unallocated Amount screen

Some highlights below:

UI (User Flow) Improvements

We’ve made a few general improvements to our UI framework, which will hopefully improve the general experience for all our users.

There’s a new icon where you can minimize the top menu:

New icon to minimize the Main Menu

Once minimized, you’ll see another icon to expand the top menu:

New icon to Unhide the Main menu

The bulk update icon that appears on the top left corner has been updated to be clearer:

New Icon to display Bulk Actions

And when you mouse over the column headers, an icon will appear if the column is sortable:

New icon to show sortable columns when you mouse over

When uploading Profile Photos, users will be able to crop the uploaded image, so that all uploaded profile images can be streamlined for the school:

New ability to crop uploaded photos to streamline profile images

Fee Categories for Invoices

When creating Invoices in the Fee Tracking module, if you have the Fee Categories enabled, you can now assign a category to each item within the Invoice:

Add categories to Invoice items in the Fee Tracking module

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