5 Reasons Why You Need A Student Information System BEFORE You Open Your New School

5 reasons a new school needs a student information system

Are you planning to start your own school? Yes? Congratulations! Sharing your vision of education with the world is perhaps one of the most satisfying career choices you’ll ever make. It’s also a daunting undertaking. There are so many things to think about – funding, staffing, developing a curriculum, getting accreditations, etc.

One aspect that you shouldn’t overlook is the need to acquire a Student Information System (SIS) BEFORE you open the (virtual) doors to your new school. An SIS will help you automate tasks, simplify work processes, and improve communications. Invest in the time to choose an SIS now, and you’ll reap the benefits of a reduced workload – not just during this critical, initial stage, but also for the long term.

Here we list out the top 5 reasons why acquiring an SIS BEFORE you open your new school is a must:

Reason #1:

Get the ball rolling on your recruitment and admission process. Most SIS tools include built-in inquiry and application forms that you can embed on your website. Others will also help you with processing payments online (e.g. application fees, deposits, and tuition fees).

Reason #2:

Prepare your school for its first academic year. A good SIS will have features that will help you set up subjects, schedules, and lesson plans. A great SIS will offer the flexibility of supporting your pedagogical approach (e.g. standards-based grading, Montessori curriculum).

Reason #3:

Develop and solidify your school branding. Many SIS tools allow you to customize your report cards, transcripts, and student ID cards. Imprint your school logo on all these items.

Reason #4:

Identify missing elements in the SIS. No SIS is perfect. Identify one that is most compatible with your school, and see if there are ways to supplement the missing elements – typically via integrations or additional Apps.

Reason #5:

Get acquainted with the various parts of the SIS, so that when your doors do open, you and your staff are ready to meet the challenges ahead.

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