2020 Year in Review

We’re now at the end of 2020, and what a challenging year it has been. As with previous years, it’s always good to spend a little time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, and revisit what it means to be a technology provider for hundreds of schools around the world. And we hope our efforts here at QuickSchools will continue to make a positive and lasting impact to all our customers.

Online Learning

2020 has been particularly challenging due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. With that, we’ve focused our efforts towards providing and improving our capabilities for Online Learning. This includes:

One of our new goals moving forward is to provide a simple and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) that’s in the style and spirit of QuickSchools. And we’ve had a blast developing this feature so far with your help and feedback.

Students can submit assignments online, and discuss submissions with teachers

Google Classroom Integration

Of all the Learning Management Systems (LMS) that we readily integrate to, Google Classroom has received a lot of attention, due to its cost-effectiveness and robust application. We’ve added many new features to simplify the way grades are transferred into QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler

The master scheduler continues to be in strong demand, despite students moving to a mostly virtual classroom experience. We’ve been making iterative improvements to this module, and will be launching it as a stand alone product next year. 

Webinar Series

In September, we produced our very first webinar, which was on the topic of customizing Report Cards. We had an awesome turn out, and received lots of feedback.

And earlier this month, we had our second webinar on the topic of Transcripts. During this webinar, we launched 4 new templates (with new features), which schools can use to customize their transcripts.

We’re looking forward to organizing more webinars next year on a variety of topics.

Exceptional Support

Our Live Chat Support Team continues to deliver for our schools. This year in particular, we received many awesome reviews on G2Crowd, and we appreciate it. It makes sense for us to invest in a great support team, since this is our way of getting feedback from schools, in order to continually improve the product. And we’ve consistently been able to make improvements month on month. Which brings us to our next accomplishment…

Engineering Improvements

In addition to the improvements related to Online Learning and Google Classroom, we’ve made some pretty significant improvements this past year alone (on top of the plethora of minor updates we make on a regular basis). Some of the improvements worth mentioning:

As your technology provider, there are many other improvements we make behind the scenes, protecting your data, improving security, upgrading the infrastructure and updating the supporting systems, all so that you get fast and easy uninterrupted service to QuickSchools. Our apps on Android and iOS also continue to be improved.

Plan for 2021

“So what’s in store for 2021?” you might ask. There’s plenty! Every year, we work on our product and our service. But for 2021 in particular, we’ll be expanding our outreach to new schools. If you can help us get the word out, we’d SUPER appreciate it! How has QuickSchools made your day better? And how would you recommend QuickSchools to others?

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