QuickSchools Integration to Schoology

We’ve gotten a lot of traction in recent weeks with the QuickSchools integration to Schoology app that’s available on our App Store. We’ve actually had several improvements released over the previous Sprints D11 and D10. And we thought it was high time we also updated our online support documentation on it too. For latest documentation on the Integration to Schoology app, check out this link:


Just to highlight some key points:

  • If you already have student data in Schoology, you can map your students in QuickSchools with students in Schoology. Same thing goes for other elements like Teachers, Semesters and Subjects.
  • If you are new to Schoology, you can export all related data (i.e. students, teachers, semesters and subjects) from QuickSchools to Schoology. Data will be automatically mapped.
  • Once your core roster data are mapped, you can then synchronize the grades from your Schoology Gradebook into your QuickSchools Gradebook. The synchronization can be scheduled to run daily.
  • Once Gradebook data is transferred to QuickSchools, you can then use that data to generate Report Cards and Transcripts.
Schoology Integration App on QuickSchools App Store
Schoology Integration App on QuickSchools App Store

We do integrate with other Learning Management Systems (LMS) other than Schoology. Some examples include Canvas (Beta), and Haiku (Beta). We are also looking into integrating with OdysseyWare as well. If you are interested in integration with any of these Learning Management Systems, or you have another LMS in mind, please feel free to reach out to our technical staff.

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