How our online master schedule can complement your SIS harmoniously

Student Information Systems (SIS) has become an important part of K-12 education and colleges. They help with many different aspects schools need. From attendance to grade books, report cards, and of course scheduling. 

For a school to be able to create its schedule with ease is a huge relief. A lot of time is saved, especially for the faculty. So what happens when the schedule feature is not exactly what you had hoped for?

The main problem schools have with master schedules

In some cases, the district chooses the SIS to be used, not the school itself. With this, the SIS can be great in some features but the scheduling system could be too simple for what a school needs. Or perhaps the school just offers a different type of schedule than a usual traditional schedule. After all, there are many different types of schedules that schools and colleges use now, especially with online learning becoming more in demand. 

These different types of schedules offer more flexibility and choice for students. However, this means that more complicated work needs to be done for school administrators, counselors, and teachers. They will have to deal with not just a lot of information, but also the dreaded clashes they may face.

Master Schedulers come with SIS

This can be particularly frustrating for the school as they could love everything about the current SIS they have but just one feature, and a very important one, doesn’t work well for them. Most schools would then have the difficult choice of using a schedule that causes them more time than it should. Or the worst-case scenario, move back into creating master schedules the old school way. Excel or using a physical board. Either case involves a lot of manual labor.

Switching to another SIS would also mean training your faculty all over again. Perhaps costing you more. The worst-case scenario? What if the new SIS doesn’t do what you need in other areas? Changing an SIS could unravel more problems if scheduling was the only one. 

Trying to find a master schedule software that is independent of the SIS system is also rare. More commonly, school schedules are already built into the system. You may only need the scheduler but you have to have both.

Until now!

A Master Scheduler as its own software

Introducing Orchestra, Master Scheduler! A software that is compatible with your current SIS so you don’t have to make the difficult decision to change. The best of both worlds. Our automated scheduler builder uses automated intelligence to get your schedule ready without you worrying about conflicts. 

Using our 5 simple steps, you can setup your new Master Schedule with the right inputs from previous schedules. You can import any data you have with your current SIS, such as your teachers, courses as well as course requests, and make any necessary changes.

Now you can build the schedule your school needs with great ease using the information that is already in your current SIS. Whether your schedule is A/B block, multi-period block, or 4×4 block, Orchestra has got you covered. 

Contact us to set up a free demo today to see how Orchestra can work with your SIS in harmony! 

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  1. […] Further elaborating on the previous feature, schools can easily come up with a simple schedule for classes or exam week with the help of QuickSchool’s interactive Simplified Scheduler. However, if you need to handle more complex scheduling situations, we’ve got the solution for you too. Our online master scheduler is also available as a standalone product. This means that if you already have a functioning SIS, but just need a master scheduler to ease your scheduling affairs, Orchestra has got your back! Our online master schedule can complement your SIS harmoniously. […]

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