Online Student Fee Management System: How it is More Effective

Do you have a hard time managing your school fee payments? The amount of time and energy spent in organizing and collecting school tuition is not an easy task, though it may seem simple and straightforward. We understand the frustration.  Fee management is definitely complicated and challenging.

QuickSchools always aims to offer a user-friendly, robust, and effective student information system. Not only for school administrators and faculty members but also for students and their parents. We know how vital it is for schools to keep their accounts updated in order to maintain productivity. It helps to provide the best for their students. With QuickSchools, you can now reduce payment delays and improve cash flow as well as boost organization efforts. Trying to keep track of various fee structures, different payment plans, and scholarships offered to students, as well as the dissimilar discounts on fees can be truly overwhelming. Especially without proper assistance.

Five ways QuickSchools can help you increase tuition collection rates:

QuickSchools provides an easy and simple way to do things. Whether it is to charge school fees, manage payments, print and save receipts, and even deliver payment notices online. All billing and payment information is stored in the student’s file. All information is securely kept together in one place. 

1. Easier payment instructions

Bills are automatically itemized, allowing parents to view both the description and amounts charged. They are sure of what they are billed for. Payment can be initiated on both or either the parent or student portal where the fees are published under “current charges” which makes it quick and hassle-free.

easier payment instructions for parents

2. Well-defined payment options

Collecting fees from parents is now easier than ever! The integrated online payment system that allows credit card payments via Stripe and PayPal has been extremely convenient. However, it does come with a cost, amounting to a processing fee of 3 – 4%. Fret not! Parents and students now have the option to settle their bills through ACH Payment too. 

easiest way to collect payment from parents
collect payment from parents

3. Automated reminders

The automated reminders feature really helps save time and effort of serving notices to parents on the fee. You no longer have to print notices or manually send emails to remind parents of the school fees. Deadlines and payment allocations can be set on the ‘School Fees Tracking’ page. Fees that have not yet been paid in full by the deadline will be highlighted in red which eases the process of further collection actions on overdue payments

4. Streamline overdue payment

With a Student Information System keeping track of student records and accounts, it is more convenient. Schools can now identify students who have not yet settled their fees and reach out to them. This would be a great help to administrators who otherwise have to go through records manually which can be tedious and time-consuming.

5. Bulk payments

QuickSchools fee payments allow parents to do bulk payments for school fees

For parents paying for multiple students, the bulk payment option is available for a faster and hassle-free process. Instead of having to go through the payment process for each and every student separately, they can quickly make a one-time payment for all. A fee management system is not just great to help the school manage more efficiently but is also of great assistance to parents and students alike. 

Perks of Managing Payments with a Student Information System 

Managing fee payments online will help schools and student families manage the different bills more effectively. Instantly make payment with multiple payment methods available. This includes Stripe, PayPal, and ACH Payment. 

The ACH Payment method was introduced last year and only charges a 1% flat processing fee to deliver you this great function! If you are looking for new ways to make payments conveniently or would just like to avoid the 3-4% processing fee from credit card payments via Stripe or PayPal, then this is the best option to help you save more! You can simply switch to this form of payment by configuring the ‘School Fees Tracking’ app.

The help of an efficient Student Information System will save you from tedious manual tasks and hassle which in turn saves you time. When fee organization is done manually, you will have to collect fees for forms, admission, exams, registration fee, scholarships, and so on. A fee management system can handle these tasks all in one platform. What are you waiting for? Come join us onboard and experience the convenience of QuickSchools. 

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