Zoom Integration App (Beta)

We announced recently that QuickSchools is working on a Live Stream feature via Zoom Integration. We are happy to announce that a first version of this app has been deployed in last weeks release:

Live Stream App for Zoom Integration

This app is still in Private Beta, which means schools will need to request for this app in order to use it. We hope that early adopters of this app will share feedback with us, so that we can continue to improve the app moving forward.

To connect your QuickSchools account with Zoom, you’ll need to create API credentials from Zoom. More details here:


That’s it for now. We are planning more improvements in the coming months, to help schools with the upcoming school year. Please stay tuned by following us on Facebook or Twitter, in order to get the latest updates.

Apps for LMS Integration

QuickSchools has several apps that integrate to an external LMS. Although there are slight differences in the functionality for each app, the overall approach and style is very similar.

Gradebook Sync

The primary goal of the Integration App is to pull the latest Gradebook data from the external LMS into QuickSchools. This is essentially an import, and no changes are made to the external LMS during this process. However, the synchronization process also includes changes in enrollment. So if you add a student to a course and add grades for that student in the external LMS, or if you remove a student from a course, the integration will automatically enroll or unenroll the student accordingly, in order to match the local QuickSchools Gradebook with the external LMS.

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Online Learning V1

QuickSchools has traditionally been a Student Information System (SIS), not a Learning Management System (LMS). However, there has always been some overlap (i.e. Gradebook). But given the changing times, and a strong need for all schools to have an online learning capability, we’ve decided to beef up our in-house support for Online Learning. We may not be as full-featured as many of the big players out there, like Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Odysseyware and Ignitia (all of which we do integrate with), but there’s a lot to be said about having a simple core set of features that works seamlessly with an SIS. 

New Assignments module as part of Online Learning capability

So here we’d like to outline some of these features, that make up the Online Learning experience within QuickSchools:

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Google Classroom Integration is LIVE

QuickSchools is delighted to announce that the Google Classroom (LMS) Integration app has been moved out of Private Beta, and is now readily available on our App Store:

We’ve made several refinements since this app was introduced late last year. One key feature is the new option to “Only synchronize assignments from Google Classrooms with dates within the currently active academic term in QuickSchools”:

Here are some key features to note about Google Classroom, and how it relates to QuickSchools:

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Online Form Reference Numbers Report

QuickSchools has just released a new Summary Report for the Online Forms App — Online Form Reference Numbers Report. This report is available for all users with access to the Online Forms Reports, and is ideal for schools that use Public Online Forms.

If you do not have access to the Online Forms Reports, you can enable this by going to App Store > My Apps tab, and click on “Configure” in the Online Forms app. In the configuration window, enter the user or role in the “Who can view Summary Reports” option and Save.

Online Forms Configure

Online Forms Configuration

Once this has been enabled, go to Reports, and search for “Online Form Reference Numbers”.

Online Forms Report

Here is what the report would look like:

Online Forms Reference Number Report

This report can be filtered by Online Form Packet, Student Name, and Submission. If you have suggestions for more reports, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Sign-Out App Review

The Sign-In Sign-Out app has been on the QuickSchools App Store since 2014, with various improvements made over the years:

This article aims to clarify some of motivations behind the app.

This Sign-In Sign-Out app was originally designed to digitize a paper process. So if a student arrives late, and is required to sign-in at the front office, instead of filling in a paper sheet, an administrator can record that the student came in late via this app in QuickSchools. The staff would simply select the student from a list of students, in order to sign the student in or out. The system would record the date and time of the event.

/Sign-Out for Administrators
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Connecting to Canvas

So for new schools connecting to Canvas for the first time from QuickSchools, Canvas has added a new security feature, where you have to authorize external systems for integration (via a Developer Key). Remember that the integration from QuickSchools to Canvas only works for the paid version of Canvas for schools (not the free version for teachers).

Enabling the Developer Key

In Canvas, go to “Admin” > “Developer Keys” and click on the “Inherited”:

Enable Developer Keys in Canvas to connect to QuickSchools

From there, scroll down and find the “QuickSchools” app. You may need to to click on “Show All Keys” at the bottom to view more apps:

Enable the Developer Key to QuickSchools in Canvas

Finally, just turn on the Developer Key.

Connecting in QuickSchools

Back in QuickSchools, once the app is installed and enabled from the App Store, go to the Canvas App and click on the “Connect to Canvas” button:

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Online Forms for Districts / Groups

If you have a group-school or district setup in QuickSchools, you can actually configure your Online Forms to be shared across multiple sites. This means that you’d only need to set up a single form packet to process applications for ALL schools in the group/district. Applications can then be routed to the appropriate school as needed.

To set up this feature, you’ll first need to enable the Advanced Settings in the Online Forms app from the App Store:

Enabled Advanced Settings for the Online Forms App

Once that’s enabled, clicking “Configure Form Packet” will include the “Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the page.

Configure Form Packets

To share the form packet with other sites in your group/district, simply add any additional schools to the list under the “Advanced Settings” section:

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One Form Per Child (OFPC)

One Form Per Child (OFPC) is a setting within the Online Forms app in QuickSchools that allows you to designate one student per submission:

One Form Per Child (OFPC) setting for Online Forms

With this setting enabled, parents who log into the Parent Portal will see separate forms for each child that the parent has access to:

Online Forms on the Parent Portal

Ordinarily, when parents have to fill separate forms for each student, it creates extra work. But if forms are configured with mapped fields, the forms will be pre-filled with data from the student record. So this actually simplifies the submission process for parents.

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Collecting Data via Online Forms

We’ve made several improvements to the Online Forms app in recent months. In this article, we wanted to highlight the different ways you can give parents (or students) access to online forms in QuickSchools, in order to submit data that you’re collecting for the schools.

The methods to be discussed are as follows:

  • Portal Access (recommended for existing parents/students)
  • Public URL
    • Non-authenticated users
    • Inviting Applicants
  • HTML code snippet (i.e. Embed Code)

The access configuration elements are located near the top of the screen, right below the “Instructions” field:

Configuring Access to Online Forms

Don’t forget that the Online Form Packet needs to be “Published” in order for access to be enabled. Once published, you should see a green check mark on the top of the screen, with a button to “Unpublish”:

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