New Release – Aug 30, 2021

Since our last release on August 9, we made several improvements to our Orchestra Master Scheduler. And now that the new Weekly Schedule feature is more robust, we’re back BIG-TIME to our regular 3-week Sprints. This release includes groundwork for our upcoming Learning Management System (LMS).

Check out the complete list of our latest QuickSchools improvements:

New Advanced Filtering by Report on Master Scheduler Step 5: Load

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Remove Next Grade when SIS is not used
  • Support optional teachers when importing STEP 1 course-teacher configurations
  • Step 2 ability to Reset calculated number of sections
  • New External IDs for Sections in STEP 4
  • Step 5 Advanced Filtering (via Report Creator)
  • Step 5 Percentage breakdown by Department
  • Remove STEP 5 Section Enrollments when Course Request is removed/deleted
  • Temporarily Remove STEP 5 “Re-assign Incomplete Students” for Weekly Schedule
  • Update Sections in student record when Course Requests are updated
  • Add support for Weekly Schedule in Summary Reports
  • Bug fix when calculating STEP 2 number of sections for courses with zero limits
  • Bug fix when removing course requests via STEP 2 Bulk Course Requests
  • Bug fix when displaying STEP 4 total students in each section
  • Bug fix calculating STEP 5 percentage when students are deleted
  • Bug fix Advanced Search in Step 5 for “students with unassigned sections”
  • Bug fix Advanced Search in Step 5 for “students with conflicts” when enrollment period is linked to multiple semesters
  • Bug fix when rendering Section Enrollment PDF when Bell Schedule is updated
  • Bug fix when editing section assignments from Student record for Weekly Schedule

General Improvements

  • Alpha features for Online Tests (LMS)
  • Alpha features for My WorkSpace (LMS)
  • Extend Temperature App to Parent Portal
  • Support CR80 (credit card) size in PDF Templates (for Student ID Card)
  • Customizable Calculation for Period Zero (Daily) Attendance
  • Improve Subject dropdown in Lesson Plans module
  • New framework widgets for Time and TimeZone
  • Streamline OK button widget
  • Improve performance when downloading large Summary Reports via Excel
  • Improve concurrent access to Summary Reports with large data
  • Bug fix when students are permanently deleted in Group Schools

Master Scheduler Improvements

We’ve made some pretty big changes to the Master Scheduler in recent weeks. In one of our recent patches, we introduce a “Department” configuration in the “Scheduling Algorithm” in Step 5:

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Tracking Proof of Vaccination

With classes resuming, schools may be required to track Covid-19 proof of vaccinations from students and parents. One of the ways to do this in QuickSchools is via the Online Forms app. Here we discuss one sample implementation for collecting a Covid-19 Proof of Vaccination via the Parent Portal. This process can easily be extended to students and teachers too.

Setting up the Online Form Packet

Here we have a simple Online Form Packet with a single custom Online Form with Custom Fields (which incidentally has better Cross-Browser Compatibility): 

Configure the Online Form Packet
Configure the Online Form Packet

Here’s how we configured the Online Form with just a few simple fields. We also added a “Section Break” at the bottom, to add instructions about uploading their Proof of Vaccination:

Configure the Online Form to collect vaccination details
Configure the Online Form to collect vaccination details

By clicking the “Configure” link, we also mapped the Name field to the Student Name, so that when accessed from the Student or Parent Portal, the student name field will be automatically filled:

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QuickSchools Library App

Our recent release for QuickSchools includes two key improvements to the QuickSchools Library App:

Add Book by Scanning ISBN

When adding a new book to your catalog, there’s a new “Scan ISBN” button that allows you to quickly scan the ISBN barcode. 

Look up Book Details by Scanning the ISBN Barcode

QuickSchools will then search the Google library, and pull details for the book, which you can use to create the book record in your QuickSchools Library App:

Book Details retrieved by Scanning the ISBN Barcode

Note that books pulled from Google will also contain an image of the book.

Generate Barcode and Label

When adding a book, you now have the option to generate a Barcode by clicking on the “Generate” button:

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Fileroom App

The Fileroom App is an add-on feature that is available in the QuickSchools App Store. This app allows files to be uploaded and shared between Teachers, Parents, or Students.

With this App, you can do the following:

  • Upload files into a shared, central location
  • Create your own folder structure for storing files
  • A separate Fileroom for teachers and parents
  • Virtual Hard-drive
  • 100 GB of storage

To know more about our Fileroom App, feel free to check out our Support Article linked below:

If you have any questions or concerns about this app, feel free to contact our Support Team.