Tracking Proof of Vaccination

With classes resuming, schools may be required to track Covid-19 proof of vaccinations from students and parents. One of the ways to do this in QuickSchools is via the Online Forms app. Here we discuss one sample implementation for collecting a Covid-19 Proof of Vaccination via the Parent Portal. This process can easily be extended to students and teachers too.

Setting up the Online Form Packet

Here we have a simple Online Form Packet with a single custom Online Form with Custom Fields (which incidentally has better Cross-Browser Compatibility): 

Configure the Online Form Packet

Here’s how we configured the Online Form with just a few simple fields. We also added a “Section Break” at the bottom, to add instructions about uploading their Proof of Vaccination:

Configure the Online Form to collect vaccination details

By clicking the “Configure” link, we also mapped the Name field to the Student Name, so that when accessed from the Student or Parent Portal, the student name field will be automatically filled:

Map custom fields to system fields so fields can auto-populate

In order to the mapping to take affect, we also have to enable “One Form Per Child”. We also took the liberty of enabling a Reminder via the “Form Status Checker for Parents”. You could also force parents to fill in the form via the Form Status Checker:

Before saving the 

Enable One Form Per Child and Form Status Checker for Parents

Finally, be sure to allow applicants to “Upload Supporting Files”. This will allow students and parents to upload their Proof of Vaccination: 

You can also configure the Online Form Packet to receive an email notification whenever a form is submitted. But depending on the size of your school, you may opt to leave this option disabled, and simply review the submissions online on a regular basis.

Enable Email Notifications when an Online Form is submitted

Submitting Forms via the Parent Portal

So once the Form Packet has been enabled for Parents, they’ll see the following screen after logging into the Parent Portal:

Parents accessing Online Forms from the Parent Portal

With “One Form Per Child (OFPC)” enabled, the parent will see the name of each student under his/her care, in the Online Forms section to the right. Clicking on a student will open up the Online Form for that student:

Parents can enter details and upload files before submitting the Online Form

Any fields that you’ve mapped in the Online Form will be automatically filled. It helps to display the students name on the form, so that users know which student the form is for, especially if you’re the parent of multiple students.

Reviewing Online Form Submissions

From the Online Forms screen for administrators, you can easily check if there are any new submissions today:

Administrators can easily view recent Online Form submissions

Clicking on “View Submissions” will allow you to review all submissions:

Administrators can review Online Form submissions from students and parents

Depending on how you configured the Online Forms app, users can also view Online Form submissions from the student record, under the “Online Forms” tab:

Online Form submissions can also be viewed/accessed from the Student record

Summary Reports

There are several Summary Reports related to the Online Forms. For example, if you wanted to find students who have not submitted a form for a particular form packet, you can look for “Missing Online Form”, and you should find this report:

Summary Reports included with the Online Forms app

This report shows a list of students without online form submissions for a selected Online Form Packet:

Summary Report shows students who have not submitted the Covid-19 Proof of Vaccination Form

Custom Reports

You can also use the Report Creator to create a custom report based on the custom fields in your Online Forms. Here’s an example from this scenario:

Build custom reports via the Report Creator

Summary / Conclusion

There are actually several other ways to track students’ Proof of Vaccination. You could simply track it as a custom field on the student record, or upload the Proof of Vaccination directly to the Documents tabs. But this method using the Online Forms will engage the parents, and reduce your involvement as administrators to manage the process.

If you’re interested in our Online Forms module, keep a look out for our Online Forms Webinar.

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