Parent Portal Features

If you have yet to enable the Parent Portal for your QuickSchools account, you’re missing out! This article describes some of the features offered via the QuickSchools Parent Portal:

Information at a Glance

From the Home page, parents can quickly see recent activity like recent attendance, grades, homework assignments and disciplinary incidents. Events are listed on the right, and the Parent Message Board is at the bottom of the screen. Parents can click on the various elements to view more information.

Stay Informed

Schools can opt to share details on the various modules being used, like Attendance, Gradebook, Report Cards and Discipline. Certain apps from the App Store can also be shared with parents like the Online Forms app, the Library app, the IEP app, the Lunch Ordering app and so on. Check out the App Store for more info. 

Stay Up-To-Date

Schools can allow parents to update their contact information and communication preferences. The Messaging module in QuickSchools takes into account the parents preferences before sending out an email, text or voice message.

parent portal quickschools
Allow Parents to update their Contact Information from the Parent Portal

Private Messaging

Schools can share a School Directory to allow parents to communicate directly (and privately) with teachers, as well as with other parents.

private messaging with quickschools
Teacher Directory for Private Messaging

View / Pay Fees

If you have the Online Payments module enabled, schools can allow parents to pay fees via the Parent Portal

Support Included

Remember that parents get full support via Live Chat. And we’ll help them get acquainted with QuickSchools. You just need to invite them to your account. We’ll write up a new article on how to do this, but we have some older articles if you’d like to get started right away:

The Student Portal is very similar to the Parent Portal, except users can only view their own information, instead of the information of multiple students. Also, Online Learning features are typically specific to the Student Portal too

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