Module-Based Custom Fields

We announced early on in our QuickSchools journey that we support Module-Based Custom Fields. This is our way of keeping our system clean from unnecessary fields. So users could freely add whatever fields are needed to the various modules.

Module-Based Custom Fields
Module-Based Custom Fields

Right now, we support custom fields for the following modules:

This capability has also improved over time. In addition to creating new fields, users need to be able to perform certain tasks with these fields. These include:

  • Searching based on Custom Fields
  • Reporting on Custom Fields (via the Report Creator)
  • Support for multiple data types:
    • Text
    • Hidden Text
    • Date
    • Check Box
    • Drop Down
    • Drop Down with Values (See below)
  • For formatting fields, you can also add (1) Headers and (2) Sections Breaks.

In the Admissions module, where a student progresses from Inquiry to Application and then to the Students module, you can also transfer the Custom Fields between these modules, as long as the custom fields are created in exactly the same way.

The Online Forms module on the other hand, has a very specific use-case for Custom Fields. When you enroll a student from the Online Forms module, you can actually map custom fields to system fields. And so using the new “Drop Down With Value” option (introduced in Sprint D10) will give you greater control in collecting data from users, while still maintaining consistency within your data. An example would be when collecting Gender information in Spanish, the Drop Down can display “Masculino”, but when the student is enrolled, the system can use the value of “Male”.

Custom Field Type - Drop Down With Value

If you’d like the Custom Fields module to be implemented in any other modules, please let us know via email or chat. We welcome your feedback, so that we can prioritize future improvements that will benefit all our customers.

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