Google Classroom Integration

After several months of work, we now have a working (LMS) integration app with Google Classroom. This is currently still an early Beta version, but the app is able to pull data from Google Classroom to your QuickSchools Gradebook.

Google Classroom Integration (Beta) App

Some things to note about this app (as it currently works):

  • The app cannot EXPORT the roster. App assumes that you have already created student, teachers and courses in Google Classroom.
  • However, once students, teachers and courses and mapped, when Synchronizing the Gradebook, the roster will be pulled into QuickSchools. This means that if a student gets enrolled into a course, you can invite the student in Google Classroom, and the student will be automatically enrolled into the mapped subject in QuickSchools when the Gradebooks are synchronized.
  • Currently, the app does not support mapping of Mark Categories from Google Classroom. The API is not yet available, but when it does, we will be mapping and pulling this data as well.
  • The app assumes a SINGLE Google Classroom account for the entire school. This means that teachers cannot use their own Google Account to map data. But with a single school-wide Google Classroom account, you can still map individual courses to specific teachers.
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New Sign-In/Out App Reports

The Sign-Out/In App is a popular app in the QuickSchools app store. Schools use this app to handle many different needs such as tracking when parents drop off and pick up their students, tracking what time students enter and leave after school programs and activities, etc.

We recently added a few new reports to this app to help see your data in different ways. Once the app is installed you will see the reports under the Summary Reports tab:

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Custom Attendance Codes

The Custom Attendance Codes app has been in the QuickSchools App Store for several years now. The app itself has not changed much, but there are a couple new features to mention. So we thought we’d revisit this app and it’s functionality.

The Custom Attendance Codes app essentially allows you to

  • Create additional attendance codes specific to your school
  • Allow teachers to use custom attendance codes while taking attendance
  • Note/record attendance codes to be applied in the future
  • Inform teaches of applied attendance codes when taking attendance

Configuring Access

The Attendance Codes app essentially has 2 components that in combination can address the scenarios above, and these are (1) the Attendance Codes themselves, and (2) a Daily Status which is essentially the application of the Attendance Code on a date range. When configuring the app, you can keep these components purely for administrators, or you can allow teachers to view them on their Attendance roster:

Configure Access to the Attendance Codes App

Custom Attendance Codes

Users with administrative access to the Attendance Codes app will have the ability to view/edit Attendance Codes under the “Codes” submenu (under the main “Attendance” menu):

Manage Custom Attendance Codes for your School

When adding/editing an Attendance Code, the following fields are available to you:

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Odysseyware Integration App

After several months of work, we now have a working integration app with Odysseyware using their available API. You can check it out in our App Store:

This particular integration app works differently from our other LMS integration implementations (like Schoology and Canvas). For Schoology and Canvas, QuickSchools is treated as the source for all Roster elements, like students, teachers, sections and even section enrollments. Only grades are pulled from the LMS into the QuickSchools Gradebook. However, since Odysseyware is also a Curriculum Management System, we treat Odysseyware as the source for courses and section enrollments too. So after mapping students, teachers and sections from QuickSchools, we will pull both section enrollments as well as grades from Odysseyware into QuickSchools. So what does that all mean?

In summary, once the app is installed and linked, the flow of data is as follows:

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Custom Domain App

If you’d like your QuickSchools URL to show your domain instead, be sure to check out our Custom Domain App on our App Store:

Custom Domain App
Custom Domain App

With the Custom Domain App, you can use a URL that you own as the web address for your QuickSchools account. If you choose this route, we will need an SSL certificate so that users can connect to your web address securely. Here’s how it works:

After installing the Custom Domain app, go to “Settings” > “School Profile” and scroll down to the section labelled “Custom Domain”:Read More »

Online Manuals (Beta)

We’re testing out a new Online Manuals feature, and putting it in our App Store as a FREE app. Eventually, we’ll be moving this feature into the main QuickSchools system. But we’d love to get your feedback before we make the final transition.

To install the app, just find the Online Manuals app on our App Store (as an administrator, of course), and click “Install”:

Online Manuals (Beta) App
Online Manuals (Beta) App

Once installed, the Online Manuals app will be available to all users.

So what the app does is filters the available articles taken from our QuickSchools Support Site, and displays only articles relevant to the user, based on the modules that the user has access to. This should make it easier for users with limited access (like teachers, students and parents) to view only the articles that they need:Read More »

New App Release: Library System

We have just released our new Library System app! This new app allows you to manage the library at your school(s). You can check it out on your QuickSchools account by going to the App Store. A few things you are able to do with this new app are:

  • Easily Manage Your Inventory
  • Search / View Books on Loan
  • Track Damaged or Lost Books
  • Configure Resources Offered
  • Scan Books Using Bar Code Scanner (Optional)
  • Track Penalties for Late Returns
  • And More!

To learn more about this app click here – Library System App

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