Pay Online for Lunch Orders

The Lunch Ordering App will be receiving a big update this summer. QuickSchools will soon be supporting Online Payments for Lunch Orders. Parents and teachers can pay for meals online before orders are sent to the school for fulfillment.

This improvement does not change the existing flow for selecting meals. Users will see a Calendar view of all meals offered. However, instead of seeing a “Submit Order” button, users will see a Shopping Cart icon at the top:

Clicking on the Shopping Cart icon will display all meals that have been added to the Shopping Cart:

Users can then click on “Pay Now”, and the system will walk the user through making payment via credit card (or via ACH where available):

This improvement requires the school to link their QuickSchools account to Stripe. Schools will need to decide whether to use this new Online Payments option, or to use the original Fee Tracking option for charging families. Both options cannot be enabled concurrently.

For more information on the Lunch Ordering App, check out the link below:

For more information on integration with Stripe, check out the link below:

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