New Release – Aug 9, 2021

This release is a special 2-week accelerated Sprint for the Orchestra Master Scheduler, covering the main areas:

  • Weekly Schedules (with varying Section Frequency)
  • Tracking Schedule Changes (after Finalization)
  • Managing Bulk Changes to Student Enrollments

Here is a complete list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • New Max Sections for Teacher-Course Configuration (Private Beta)
  • Course-Teacher Importer supports Max Sections (Private Beta)
  • New shortcut for Weekly Bell Schedule (Private Beta)
  • New Days and Frequency Settings for Courses (for Weekly Schedules)
  • New Support for Multi-Day Sections in Step 4 and Step 5 (for Weekly Schedules)
  • Run Step 4 based on Department Filter
  • Update Step 4 Course Details with Frequency, Days and Max Sections for Teachers
  • PDF Schedule for Teachers based on Next Enrollment Period
  • Option to Copy Latest Schedule to QuickSchools
  • Support Tracking Schedule Data for Export
  • Summary Report Support for Copied/Exported Schedule Data
  • Report Creator Support for Copied/Exported Schedule Data
  • Report Creator Support for Students with Conflicts
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes when Configuring Teachers
  • General Improvements to Semester Setup for Orchestra Master Scheduler 

General Improvements

  • Bulk Student Importer supports Reactivating Students (Beta)
  • Bulk Student Importer supports Deletion of Students (Beta)
  • Improve capacity for sending out Section PDF in bulk

Weekly Schedules (Beta)

We have a new capability that allows schools to easily create a weekly bell schedule:

When importing or adding courses, you can specify frequency and days of the week:

In Step 4, additional sections will be created to the Weekly Schedule based on frequency. And in Step 5, students will be assigned to all sections within a group automatically.

Max Sections (Private Beta)

We have another new capability where you can set the maximum number of sections a teacher can have for any particular course. You can set this when configuring course:

When max sections are set, the Schedule function in Step 4 will stop creating new sections once a teacher has the maximum number of sections created for any particular course. However, you can also manually create additional sections (exceeding the max sections) via the drag-and-drop function.

Tracking Schedule Changes

When using the QuickSchools SIS, there is a new “Copy Latest Schedule Into Semester” button in Step 6 to allow you to incrementally transfer the latest Schedule Data:

Enrollment Data that is created incrementally is reportable via the Report Creator and Summary Reports:

If you’re not using the QuickSchools SIS, you can tag the Schedule Data periodically via the “Mark Latest Schedule for Export” button under Step 6:

Incremental changes to Enrollment Data is also reportable via the Report Creator and Summary Reports.

Managing Bulk Changes to Student Enrollment (Private Beta)

We have a Bulk Student Importer specific for larger schools. This importer has new support to (1) reactivate student records, as well as (2) delete student records, in bulk. Since these are both private beta features, both capabilities need to be enabled by our support team.

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