Is using social media in the classroom a good idea?

impact of social media in the classroom

Ever thought of using social media as an educational tool in your classroom? Maybe now is the time. It is a great tool that can enrich the learning experience and improve communication. Form a deeper connection between your school and students. For instance, students can be updated with events and happenings through the school’s social media profile. We look into ways how using social media in the classroom can be helpful in the classroom.

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The impact social media has on your students – the pros and cons

how social media impacts your students, both the positive and negative

Social media has been around for some time. It allows users to post or react to content posted online. Many, if not most, students have access to a variety of different platforms. Some popular social media networks are Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and recently TikTok. More new platforms are emerging as we speak.

It is without a doubt that social media is great for news and entertainment. However, like all other things, has its pros and cons. Today we will be discussing the impacts of social media in the classroom, both the good and the bad. 

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How to make your school more digitally literate

how to make your school digitally literate

Previously, we talked about digital literacy and how it is important for your students in the online world. We mentioned how important it is to introduce digital literacy programs in early childhood education. This will prepare children with the skills they require to engage in technology responsibly. On top of that, introducing them to digital literacy programs will also equip them with the right knowledge to prosper in this ever-evolving digital world. Today we will be discussing ways to make your school more digitally literate.

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Tech Fatigue: Why you feel tired and how to overcome it

tips on how to overcome tech fatigue

What is tech fatigue?

Technology or digital fatigue is defined as the state of exhaustion and disengagement that occurs among people who are required to use numerous digital tools and applications concurrently. Everybody across the globe has been heavily relying on technology these past few years, especially since the pandemic hit. Many, if not all of us, have experienced digital fatigue. Even though technology has been around for decades, we sometimes don’t have a choice to not be online.

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How important is digital literacy for your students in today’s online world?

digital literacy and how important it is for your students

With the online world growing, it is important that your students understand digital literacy. Preparing them for the skills they need to know in order to use technology safely and responsibly is a must. 

The rise of edtech and the internet has opened up a new world that brings a lot of benefits. Especially to those that may not have had such opportunities before. It can empower and educate students, leading them to a path that is forever changing. Thus they will constantly be learning to stay on top. 

In recent years, technology has become so advanced that we need it in every aspect of our lives. Helping to teach your students to be digitally literate will not only help them through their studies but will carry on into their work life. 

Let’s start at the very beginning with the question, what is digital literacy?

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