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One of the awesome features in QuickSchools is the Student Portal. If you’ve seen the Parent Portal, it works very similarly. Either way – whether you’re a newbie student portal user or an old-hat, here’s a quick summary of some of the things you can do from within your student portal.

Login to your account

  1. Check your email from your school to get your username and temporary password
  2. Click on the link or go to the URL given (it’s usually in the form
  3. Enter your username and password (you can change it by going to to Settings in the top right of your screen)student portal home screen

Check Report Cards

If your school posts Report Cards online, you can see them from your “Reports” Tab.

  1. Click “View Complete Record”
  2. Scroll Down and Click “Reports”
  3. Click on the report card you want to card

Check Current Grades

If your school posts grades online, you can see them from the “Gradebook” Tab.

  1. Click on “View Complete Record”
  2. Scroll Down and Click “Gradebook”gradebook
  3. View your Overall Average or Click “Details” to See Grades by Assignment. Click “Preview” or “Download” to get a PDF version.gradebook_view

Check Homework

If your teachers post homework online, you can see it from the “Homework” Tab.

  1. Click on “View Complete Record”
  2. Scroll Down and Click “Homework”
  3. View your Homework or Clicking “Preview” or “Download” to get it as a PDF.homework

student info

Other Features:-

Verify Student Info – As a student, you can check that your information is entered correctly, so that you know if you need to contact your school to get it update. Click “Vew Complete Record” to review your information.

Use Apps/Other Modules – There are tons of different options for modules and apps for schools to add. If your school uses some of these other features, you may find them listed in your menu bar. Click on the link there to open.

Private Message Teachers – Some schools allow students to send secure private messages to teachers from the student portal. If your portal has a talk bubble next to your profile info in the top right of your screen, click that to get started. Check here for more info on sending private messages.

Pay Bills – Some schools allow students to pay bills (this is especially true of higher education institutes, and adult education and career schools. Please check with your school if you think this might be you). If you’d like to view or pay a bill online as a student, here’s how:

  1. Click on the “View and Pay Fees” link
  2. View Charges as shown
  3. Click on the red button to the right (not shown) called “Pay Fees” to enter your information
  4. view_and_pay_fees 

Get Help with QuickSchools

You can do this from any page! Just click on our “Got a Question” widget in the bottom right hand of any page.

chat box

We hope this student portal guide is helpful! Of course, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us any time. We’d love to help via chat or email!

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