My school has been rebranded! What do I do now?

Your school is under new management, or perhaps has merged with another school, and you want to rebrand. Perhaps your school name has changed? Or, you have a new logo? Or, you have a new color scheme to promote your brand? What are the options available to you? 

Here we discuss the various steps you can take to re-customize the experience for users accessing your QuickSchools account.

Change Basic Profile Details

The first thing you should do as the school administrator, is go to “Settings” > “School Profile”, and change the basic profile information for your school. This includes things like:

  • School name
  • School address
  • Contact info (Phone and Email)
  • Website
  • Color Scheme
Update School Details under “School Profile”

The one thing you’ll note is that the School Code cannot be changed. This is because we use the School Code to partition your data into its own database. As such, this field cannot be changed once assigned to a school.

A lot of schools are okay with leaving the URL as-is because it does not incur any additional cost or effort. If changing the URL is important, there are a few options available to you:

  • Set-Up a Custom Domain
  • Create a new account
  • Migration via Group School

OPTION 1: Set-up a Custom Domain

QuickSchools offers a Custom Domain App. By using this app, you can set up your own URL for accessing your QuickSchools account. This option requires the least effort. However, the Custom Domain App incurs a monthly subscription. You will also need to register for your own custom domain, and provide an SSL certificate from your provider.

Use a Custom Domain for your QuickSchools account

OPTION 2: Create a new account

You can set up a brand new QuickSchools account. This would be akin to starting a new school. Any data that you’d like to keep would need to be transferred manually. You can transfer the data yourself (via import), or you can commission our support team to help you with the data migration process. The disadvantage of this option is that it may take some time to completely transfer data from your old account to the new account, and only certain data can be transferred.

OPTION 3: Migration via Group School

There is a third option that is similar to creating a new account, except that you link the new account with the old account via Group School. The advantage here is that it is easier to share/transfer data between schools within a group (compared to Option 2).

Setting up a Group School incurs its own cost. Data from the various modules are either shared or transferred, depending on the module. The advantage here is that you have immediate access to historical data from the new account. You can take your time transferring the data before you deactivate the original school account.

Update PDF Templates

Other than the school profile and URL, you can also change the templates for generated PDF. Templates for Report Cards in particular can be changed for future terms without affecting previous terms. However, most PDF templates are retroactive, meaning that if you change the configuration for Transcripts, Invoices, Receipts and so on, these will affect previously generated PDF. This is one reason why OPTION 3 above makes sense, in that you can maintain the original branding for previously generated documents.


Regardless of the approach that you take, feel free to engage our support team for advice. We can work out the best option for you, based on your goals and constraints. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you as you grow and expand your school.

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