Integrated Shopping Cart

With our new updated Lunch Ordering app, QuickSchools is developing its own Shopping Cart capability, where users can add items into the Shopping Cart and make a purchase from the school. 

The Shopping Cart app is currently still in beta, and only available with the Lunch Ordering App. But we do intend to support additional features in the future:

The Shopping Cart feature supports credits. So when orders are canceled, a credit can be applied. And when future orders are made, the system will automatically deduct the credits from the total order:

Upcoming Features

We are still building additional functionality for users to view and print orders made online. We are also building additional modules for administrators to manage orders and credits for customers.

Additional Apps & Modules

We are currently contemplating what features to support next. For example, some schools have indicated interest to allow students to pay for courses. Schools would need to indicate what courses to offer, as well as class sizes (i.e. enrollment limits for each course).

Another obvious option is to allow schools to simply sell merchandise (like text books, t-shirts, and stationeries). In this case, we’d also need to introduce an inventory system, so users would only be able to purchase items that are in stock.

If you have suggestions for future improvement, please let us know. We look forward to your feedback.

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