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The Sign-In Sign-Out app has been on the QuickSchools App Store since 2014, with various improvements made over the years:

This article aims to clarify some of motivations behind the app.

This Sign-In Sign-Out app was originally designed to digitize a paper process. So if a student arrives late, and is required to sign-in at the front office, instead of filling in a paper sheet, an administrator can record that the student came in late via this app in QuickSchools. The staff would simply select the student from a list of students, in order to sign the student in or out. The system would record the date and time of the event.

/Sign-Out for Administrators

Parents can Sign In/Out using PIN

Soon after the initial release, we expanded the functionality to allow parents to sign students in and out via a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The intent is again to have a terminal available at the front office for parents to sign the student and out. Parents would only be able to sign their own students in and out, using their designated PIN.

Parent Sign-In via PIN

Students can Sign In/Out using PIN

Finally, the app was again expanded to allow students to sign themselves in and out via their own PIN. Students would sign in at a terminal available at the front office. This was to ensure that the student was actually on premise when signing in and out, and there is staff available to ensure the app is not abused.

Student Sign-In via PIN

It’s important to note that this app is not linked to the Student and Parent Portal. The app is designed to work like a kiosk, where the user is required to be at the designated terminal in order to qualify as being on premise. Allowing students and parents to sign in via the Student and Parent Portals would open up the app to abuse, since users would be able to sign in and out at any time from any location.

For more information on this app, check out these links from our support site:

Expanded Scenarios

If you’re looking to allow students and/or parents to notify the school that the student is coming in late, or needs to leave early, we recommend using the Online Forms app to create a form that users can submit from their respective portals. We’ll be putting together an article soon on how you could accomplish this.

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