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Summary Reports vs Report Creator

June 3, 2019

When accessing the “Reports” menu in QuickSchools, there are actually 2 options available, depending on your subscription and your access. Here we’d like to compare and discuss the differences between these 2 options, the Summary Reports and the Report Creator:

Summary Report

Report Creator

Reports are pre-configured for each module.All reports have to created from scratch. But you can save and share reports once created.
Fixed Format – Columns are fixed, Available Filters are fixed, but you can select how you want to filter.Customizable Format – You can freely add columns and filters.
Designed for Speed – You get quick and easy access to data you used oftenDesigned for Data Exploration – You have to know / understand the data you want to extract, and build the report. Once built, you can share and re-use the report as needed.
Optimized for Large Data Sets – You can pull data quickly, since the query has been optimized. Optimized for Exception Reporting – You can create reports on specific scenarios that are important to you, and then produce charts and graphs with click-through functionality
Aggregate (Pivot Table) Reporting – Data can be aggregated and combined in pivot-table style report.Tabular Reporting – Report is basically always tabular. For aggregate reporting, you typically have to export to Excel and manipulate offline
Limited Features – The Primary Purpose of Summary Report is simply reporting and exporting to external systems.Full Featured – Supports Email Templates, Scheduled Emails, Graphing, Filtering on regular modules, Group School Reporting, and Dashboarding. Check out this article for more info.
Included in ALL subscription plans. Access to specific reports is based on installed modules.Included in the Athena Plan. For all other plans, needs to be installed from the App Store.

Common Features

Both Summary Reports and Report Creator support the following features:

  • Export to CSV and Excel

Custom Reporting

In some cases, you need a custom report that does not already exist in the Summary Reports sections. In these cases, you can commission QuickSchools to build a custom Summary Report for you. This has the added benefit of being:

  • optimized for large data sets, and
  • displayed in aggregate (pivot-table) style reporting.

If you have such a need, please contact our support team.

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