New Release – July 26, 2021

We’ve made several improvements to our Orchestra Master Scheduler for this release. But we’ve also included a few general improvements related to Admissions, Report Creator, the Library App, our API (and Zapier), Google Drive Integration, and much more.

Improvements to the Applications module within QuickSchools Admissions

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Term-Length is now optional when importing Courses. Defaults to Semester-long
  • Limit for Departments are now optional
  • Bug fix when searching for Courses without Departments
  • Bug fixes related to performance improvements when setting Next Enrollment Period
  • Show configured Courses for Teachers in Step 1 “Configure Teachers”
  • Show Min, Max and Target Section Sizes in Step 2 “Course Requests by Course”
  • New Step 4 Filter by Department
  • Miscellaneous Improvements to Step 4 and Step 4 Pagination
  • Rename Block Sections to Teams
  • Bulk Create Lab-Lecture Teams (previously Block Sections) by Period
  • New Step 5 Advanced Filter for Student Conflicts
  • Ability to hide periods without sections in Section Assignments PDF
  • Support separate Course Code and Course Name in Section Assignments PDF
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes to Section Assignments PDF
  • Option to use “” when emailing Section Assignments PDF
  • New Teacher Invitation Emails for Orchestra Only Plan
  • Ability to enable Section Attendance within Orchestra

Improvements related to Admissions

  • Bulk Email Applicants from Template
  • Improve Configuration Area for Inquiry and Application Status Codes
  • Bug Fix Enrollment when student name has apostrophe
  • Framework Improvements to support Portal for Applicants (Alpha)

Other General Improvements

  • Bulk Invite Teacher
  • New Importer for Teacher Roles
  • Report Creator support for recently updated/saved Student records
  • New Report Creator Date Filter for “within Past X Days”
  • New Barcode label for Books (for Library App)
  • New ISBN Look-Up (for Library App)
  • Improve Billing History Section
  • Option to Skip Existing File when backing up Documents to Google Drive
  • API (Zapier) Support for Student Tags
  • API Support for separate student first, middle and last names
  • Framework Improvements to support Online Testing (Alpha)
  • Improve Support for Custom Fields column in Global Subject Setup
  • Bug fix when storing Period Zero attendance without Period 1 attendance
  • Bug fixes when inviting and re-inviting students to the Student Portal

Improvements to Teachers Listing

For schools that are importing teachers via Excel, there is now a “Bulk Invite Teachers” option to invite several teachers at once:

Also on this screen is a new “Assign Role From Excel” button, that allows you to assign roles to teachers from an Excel file. 

Improvements to the Report Creator

We’ve introduced a new field on the Student record called “Updated Date”, which records the date when the student record was last saved:

We’ve also introduced a new Date Filter for “is within past”, which can be used to filter records where the date occurred within the past so-many days. Here’s an example report that shows a list of student records that were last saved in the past 20 days.

We’ll be posting more information about these improvements in separate articles. Be on the look-out for those.

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