New Release – Mar 22, 2021

This is an expedited Sprint (only 2 weeks instead of 3). We have a few beta features we’re pushing out, plus some miscellaneous performance enhancements and bug fixes. 

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

New Features in Private Beta

  • Student Self-Enrollment
  • Attendance Notification for Not Yet Taken
  • Google Classroom Synchronization by Profile

Other General Improvements

  • New User Field in Interventions (introduced in previous release) is now reportable in Report Creator
  • Bug fix when deleting students
  • Timezone Bug fix when importing into Gradebook
  • Refactor framework for Email Messaging
  • New internal framework to support student subscription limits

Student Self-Enrollment (Beta)

This is a new feature to allow students to directly enroll into courses from the student portal (without using Course Requests from the Master Scheduler module). If the student is already enrolled into a courses, the student can unenroll from them:

New Self-Enrollment Feature for Students (Beta)

And there’s an “Add Course” button for students to select courses to enroll into:

Allow Students to Enrollment themselves into Courses (Beta)

More information about the module will be posted soon.

Attendance Notification for Not Yet Taken (Beta)

This feature is still very early in development, but the intent is to send out an email reminders to teachers when attendance has not yet been taken for a particular day or period. Here’s a sample email:

Send Email Reminders to Teachers when they forget to take attendance (Beta)

More information about the module will be posted soon.

Google Classroom Sync by Profile (Beta)

This feature allows schools to synchronize Gradebooks with Google Classroom in batches. Each batch is set up as a Profile, where the administrator selects which specific courses to include in the profile:

Create Profiles to manage which courses are synchronized with Google Classroom

When scheduling a Gradebook Synchronization, you can then select from one of the created profiles:

Select which courses to synchronize with Google Classroom within a Profile

This feature will be useful for schools with a large number of courses. As a feature in private beta, this feature can only be activated by request.

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