Introduction to Districts / Group Schools

Back in April, we announced a new feature that we were working on. This new feature is in support for districts and group schools where multiple QuickSchools accounts can be linked together for a more seamless experience. Some of these improvements / benefits includes:

  • Users can easily switch between schools without having to log in again
  • Easily transfer data between schools, and maintain local control of transferred data
  • Easily share data between schools
  • Easily manage users across the group, along with user access to modules
  • Easily configure access to modules for all schools in the group
  • Create consolidated reports to compare statistics between schools
  • Easily send messages to all parents at all schools (without duplication of messages)
  • Standardize Online Forms for all schools, and reroute submissions to specific schools

Switch Between Schools easily when accounts are linked

We’ve put together a short video on this new capability with some examples of how it all works:

If you’re interested in setting this up for your district / group of schools, please don’t hesitate to contact QuickSchools support.

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